cool hit counter Bitcoin futures close up nearly 6 percent, off closing all-time lows_Intefrankly

Bitcoin futures close up nearly 6 percent, off closing all-time lows

I. EOS main network successfully activated Officially launched

At 1:50 a.m. BST on June 15, the EOS mainnet voted over 15%, the mainnet activated and went live. The first 21 super nodes are coming out of the block. It is understood that the turnout was reached by Bigone out of the blue. EOS is temporarily trading at $10.88, up 10.41 percent.

II. bitcoin futures close up nearly 6%, off closing all-time lows

The CME Bitcoin futures BTC July contract closed up $365, or more than 5.82%, at $6,635, after recording a record low close for the CME Bitcoin futures front-month contract at $6,270 on June 13, according to Little Onion. The CBOE Bitcoin futures XBT August contract closed up $357.50, or about 5.70%, at $6,632.50, after also recording a record low close for the front-month CBOE Bitcoin futures contract at $6,276.11 on June 13.

Chongqing to form blockchain digital asset exchange

On June 14, the official website of Chongqing Municipal Economic and Information Commission published an article stating that Chongqing will use five major initiatives to actively promote the development of the blockchain industry, including the "formation of a blockchain digital asset exchange".

IV. Vietnam Party Central Committee: blockchain is a revolutionary technology to drive future change

Nguyen Van Binh, head of the Vietnam Party's Central Economic Committee, said in a speech at yesterday's blockchain forum that with its decentralized, transparent and highly secure features, blockchain is assessed as a revolutionary technology driving future changes and is used in many fields such as finance, retail, logistics and telecommunications. At the same time, he stressed the need for Vietnam to continue monitoring, encouraging and promoting the advantages of blockchain technology after the global trend, and to study and develop policies to reduce risks.

V. Former Trump chief of staff Bannon invests in Bitcoin: It's revolutionary

Ten months after leaving the White House, President Donald Trump's former chief strategist Stephen Bannon has a new target - bitcoin - betting that bitcoin and other digital currencies will disrupt the banking industry the way Trump has disrupted U.S. politics. The report claims that Bannon has not only purchased a significant amount of Bitcoin, but even wants to start his own digital currency, "Deplorable Coin". The name is an apparent echo of Hillary, who has referred to Trump supporters as "a bunch of deplorables."

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