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Bitcoin mining is too power hungry! A US city wants to introduce a policy to stop

Bitcoin, as the darling of the new age internet, is almost the highest of the current internet virtual products, both in terms of its own price and the level of attention it receives. Sold for nearly 100,000 RMB individually, they have attracted numerous speculators to participate in them. Obtaining bitcoins through computer GPU calculations creates a host of problems.

In the US city of Plattsburgh, there is a miner called Plattsburgh BTC, whose founder David Bowman has been working on bitcoin since 2014. Plattsburgh BTC has 20 computer servers which consume a lot of power. The US city of Plattsburgh, New York, is considering banning bitcoin mining in the city due to a recent surge in electricity consumption.

There are at least two virtual currency miners in Plattsburgh that use 11.2 megawatts of electricity, according to the local power department. But the power department also said the surge in local electricity consumption over the past few months could also be due to normal seasonal fluctuations caused by cold weather. However, the city is still considering a ban on commercial virtual currency mining. The reason for this is that a large virtual currency miner with thousands of servers employs dozens of people in the city's neighboring city of Massena. The City of Plattsburgh is concerned that this could happen in the city, causing an overwhelming amount of electricity usage.

I think there must be a case where mining bitcoin can be a burden on power plants. However, the burden imposed must be small in relative terms. If power plants are really crippled by bitcoin mining, the assets of these miners are really beyond the imagination of the average person.

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