Black technology revealed: what is the wealth gap?

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Where is the gap between rich and poor in the new century manifested?

Blackie hasn't even bought a car yet and others are already building flying car towers!

According to some reports, flying cars are expected to become a reality within the next few years, so some prescient designers have set their sights on flying car packages, including this flying car tower in Shanghai.

From the mind of the architectural firm Richard's Architecture + Design (hereinafter referred to as RA+D).

It's a giant object in the heart of Shanghai, said to be inspired by the Chinese dragon, hovering up from its foundations and sticking straight up into the sky ......

"The Dragon's perimeter is densely covered with flying car docking devices, making it a convenient new toy for these rich people.

Sources say Dubai has started testing the use of flying cars for taxis earlier this year, while some officials in the US state of Nevada, are seeking the support of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to allow unmanned aircraft to carry passengers into the sky.

Inside RA+D's proposal, they completed their first flying car tower, the Moscow Tower, back in 2015, and this flying car tower in Shanghai, which will be their second proposal, is expected to become a reality sometime in 2018-2020.

But what's even more awesome is that if this giant thing was also genital worship - it would be a green phallus: the

The whole building will be dotted with trees, up to 50,000 in total, and 180 CO2 absorbers, making the whole flying car tower a giant air purifier, "spewing" fresh air on an hourly basis ......

This weekly exhalation is designed to be very ritualistic -

At regular intervals, the mouth of the "dragon" spews out a glowing "flame" of carefully designed LEDs that are lit up in such a high-profile way that they announce to the whole city in the city centre: look, another batch of fresh air is being made ......

The whole scene, it's like a Blade Runner-esque Cyber-punk show.

Poverty is limiting my imagination!!!


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