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Blockchain + IP, these are the content board projects you should be catching up on

Introduction: The current age of content and data is all over the place, and all people inevitably use various download services in their lives. But have you ever thought about whether the information you are downloading is compliant and legal, and whether it will benefit the original author?

The issue of intellectual property rights has always been a very ambiguous topic in the field of economics, and there is a view that intellectual property protection law helps to protect the enthusiasm of natural persons for knowledge creation and promote social development. But there are also voices that knowledge and information are not scarce, do not have property rights attributes at all, intellectual property law is to maintain monopoly to reduce market efficiency of the evil law.

Regardless, one thing is indisputable - knowledge creators should be commended for their excellent work when they produce it. Yet in the digital modern era, the issue of creative traceability and revenue distribution of knowledge products is one of the industry pain points.

The traditional solutions to the misappropriation of intellectual ideas are probably the following.

1. It is planned that the authorities will enact intellectual property protection laws that provide the patent holder with exclusive rights to the proceeds of an intellectual idea for a certain number of years. The limitations of this approach are that it is static and crude, knowledge and information are subjective and implicit, and the planning authorities are unable to know the dynamics of all market players, as well as to determine whether the patent applicant is a real idea producer. The arbitrary issuance and protection of patents will only negatively affect the creation of knowledge.

2, content distribution community to use technical means to limit the disclosure of knowledge information. For example, the well-known UGC Knowledge Forum knows that users can choose whether to allow reprints after producing uploaded content, and if an answer is set to "non-reprintable", third-party users who browse the modified content will not be able to use the copy function for that content. However, this approach is more limited, and third parties, in addition to replication, still have several ways to circumvent this step of regulation and illegally distribute user content.

3. The knowledge creator enters into a confidentiality agreement with the knowledge distribution platform or individual. This approach, based on the voluntariness of the parties, is the most reasonable and legitimate measure, but it has had little effect. Because the two parties to the contract can only bind the two parties, they can do nothing about the malicious dissemination of third parties, and the dissemination of knowledge is almost untraceable in the Internet age.

But the development of blockchain technology in recent years promises to solve this pain point

Blockchain has the characteristics of anonymity, traceability and non-tamperability, knowledge information chain can ensure the integrity and effective tracing of knowledge, ecological token can also be an incentive for creators. Here are examples of content copyright blockchain projects:

What is Vechain?

The VeChain platform is a global ledger-based information interaction and collaboration cloud platform based on blockchain technology. Through APIs and application layers, we can digitize people, things or objects in the real world and interconnect information. The real business world is mapped onto the blockchain by enabling collaboration and value transfer in different scenarios through smart contracts based on actual industry applications.

VEN is the token used in the only chain, which can be used for technology development of the platform, promotion of business application cooperation, support of blockchain services, etc. The crowdfunding price is RMB0.50, and as of 17:00 P.M. on Wednesday, June 13, 2018, VEN's unit price has reached RMB19.11.

What is UnlimitedIP (UIP).

UnlimitedIP (UIP) is a entertainment copyright expert trading platform based on EOS. Through blockchain traceability, distributability, hard-to-tamper features, hash algorithms, asymmetric encryption and timestamp technologies, and combined with the EOS operating system's support for millions of levels of commercial transactions, low latency and free features, future copyright is committed to providing global pan-entertainment IP copyright holders with a single-stop entertainment intelligent service including ultra-low cost copyright certificates, copyright certification, copyright registration, copyright transactions, online rights, content incubation and so on.

What is Musk MUSK?

MUSK is based on blockchain as the underlying technology, from the media copyright registration, high-quality media content on the blockchain quick distribution, and professional media operation and promotion.

MUSK's technical architecture follows blockchain design specifications and standards, and then extends its technical boundaries based on its own characteristics. The ease of use and operability of the network is ensured through pluggable modules and flexible configuration of smart contracts. Support multi-protocol features, compatible with BIP protocol and POS smart contract platform, and set the consensus mechanism as modular, and support compatibility between different protocols, including consensus mechanism, permission management, ledger management, data structure, etc. And industry application-oriented, through the mobile DAPP strategy access, can be applied to different application scenarios, to bring the advantages of blockchain technology to media asset-oriented applicants and ordinary Internet users.

The copyright traceability technology based on the MUSK Media Alliance Chain enables the copyright traceability of quality media content on the MUSK Media Alliance Chain and the traceability of revenue sources, and moreover enables content producers and other participants to eventually share the revenue on the trading platform.

In the recent phase of Firecoin's launch of the voting on the coin, MUSK topped the list with 526 million votes and was qualified for the coin and will soon land on Firecoin HADAX. Previously MUSK has gone live with CoinEgg, KKcoin, Bigone, etc. In addition MUSK's QB.CC exchange, jointly developed by the core team of Cloudcoin and Bigone, will soon go live and is currently recruiting global partners.

With a major boon, MUSK has managed to attract the attention of many investors by bucking the trend and popping eight times in a short period of time, and I believe it will have a big future in the near future.

Reprint authorization, business cooperation

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