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More than 2,000 mobile operators worldwide are currently deploying mobile communication infrastructure in a centralized manner to provide communication services, including WiFi networks, 3G/4G mobile networks, BOSS (billing andoperation supportingsystem) systems for traditional mobile communication networks, and cloud communication service providers such as Twilio (NASDAQ-listed) for enterprise messaging/data. The structure of a centralized mobile operator (including virtual operators) is as follows.

The centralized model of mobile operators poses many problems. First, after investing large amounts of money in infrastructure, mobile services are overpriced, especially for sparsely populated areas, resulting in poor bandwidth utilization; second, due to the information asymmetry brought about by centralization, telecommunication services often come with many mandatory terms that are ultimately paid for by users; and third, centralization can bring about massive communications data leakage. Decentralized communication infrastructure and communication service operations, on the other hand, can solve all of these problems.

Unlike the centralized mobile communications operating model. By combining blockchain with communication, registering communication assets on the blockchain, conducting deployment of smart contracts for billing, and flexibly supporting the transfer of communication service rights. Organize WiFi services, SMS services, data traffic services and self-built networks through decentralized autonomy. There is no need to rely on a centralized node to collect information from all users, assume all the security as well as fill in the wasted resources.

The Distributed Mobile Network Operations Platform is an ecosystem consisting of communication assets, public chains, communication public chains, smart contracts, mobile operators, content providers, and users.

Communications asset: Broadly defined as communications infrastructure owned by a subscriber or operator, including ownership of routers or base stations.

The platform allows for a variety of different communication assets to be registered, licensed, and traded on the public chains used by the platform. Any subject can cede the right to use an asset with another subject through a smart contract, and the transfer of value is achieved through the cession. The entire process of communication assets is completed by the platform from the time they are identified to the time they receive a return.

Communication services: can be Wi-Fi access, SMS sending, mobile data traffic usage, VPN access. Communication services occur in parallel with the passing of Tokens. The billing records generated by the final call to the smart contract are stored on the platform communication public chain.

Users: Users are all individuals and businesses that need to use the communication services provided by the Platform ecosystem.

Applications for decentralized mobile networks

App 1: WiFi/data package access + content sharing

A decentralized WiFi sharing operation platform is established. On this sharing platform, users pass login keys through a P2P link with WiFi network providers, and until the development of the platform communication public chain is completed, WiFi network asset registration and P2P key sharing are done through consensus algorithms of other public chains.

After the development of the platform communication public chain is completed, WiFi assets are registered on other public chains while mapped on the platform communication public chain, and the billing data of the WiFi network is registered on the platform communication public chain. The two interoperate via a cross-chain protocol.

Application 2: Platform communication public chain supports digital content distribution applications and IoT scenario applications :

For example, content producers and advertisers sponsor the distribution of content through the platform by providing traffic for designated content. For example, video studios distribute 100G of traffic to their followers by buying it for their short videos. And fans will no longer have to worry about traffic consumption when watching videos. In the IoT scenario, logistics companies can deploy smart contracts through the platform communication public chain platform to complete accurate traffic billing without being kidnapped by any third-party centralized platform.

Application 3: E2P SMS service on the platform network

Support platform users to share their SMS sending capabilities to business users for registration codes, customer promotional messages and other SMS sending services.

Application 4: Communication network construction

All users can build their own base station tower (BaseStation) on the communication public chain platform. BaseStation supports 3GPP LTE-U and OpenBTS's SIP communication protocol framework, so users do not need to worry about spectrum resources. Each user who contributes to the network coverage can provide services on the platform chain through smart contracts, and the communication network coverage and communication security are jointly built and guaranteed by all users, while the platform base station has the arithmetic resources to support specific POW+POS mining algorithms. Such a network structure is a perfect solution to the wasteful investment caused by the communication tide phenomenon, and at the same time can bring additional benefits to the platform base station users.

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