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The line is lukewarm, but you can't stop learning to do better. Today, White talks about the blockchain browser.

We know that blockchain is a new application model of computer technology such as distributed data storage, peer-to-peer transmission, consensus mechanisms, and cryptographic algorithms.

1.that What is it? Blockchain Browse Ware?

Blockchain browser can be literally interpreted as "blockchain + browser". Simply put it is a search tool where we can usually type in certain information and look up more information. For example if a user wants to browse information on a particular block, they have to use the blockchain browser. The content recorded in each block can be accessed from the blockchain browser, a window.

2.What's the blockchain browser for?

A blockchain browser is a web page to view information about the blockchain, and a blockchain browser is like a window into the digital currency through which you can see exactly what is happening inside the digital currency. For example, if you want to know when a transfer will arrive, how much the current bitcoin transfer fee is, and how dirt cheap the address that is giving you the transfer really is, it can all be shown directly through the blockchain browser.

3.What does the blockchain browser do?

It records in detail the confirmation process of each block and the process of digital coin generation and distribution, and keeps a complete record of the flow of digital coins between each block, thus providing a more complete and public disclosure of the stock, increment, and exchange rate of digital coins, the only thing hidden is the owner behind each block.

4.When do I need to use a blockchain browser?

The most common one is when we top up our digital currency to an exchange, Or transferring money to someone else or someone else transferring money to you, Waiting for a long time without showing arrival, This is the time to use Blockchain Browse We'll see what's causing it.。

That could be because there may not be enough confirmations for this transaction, or the transaction is congested, or the fee you entered is too low, etc.

Related terms that you will encounter in blockchain browser queries

1.block hash

A block hash is a number that is obtained by performing a secondary hash calculation on the block header. is one of the identifiers of a block that uniquely and unambiguously identifies a block.

2.block height

Block height refers to the number of Bitcoin blocks mined since that creation block and is one of the identifiers of the block, but does not identify a single block. Two or more blocks may have the same block height and occupy the same position in the blockchain. The current latest block height is 534376.

3.transaction fee

That is, the transfer fee, which is related to the number of bytes occupied by the transaction and not to the size of the transfer amount. The transaction fee for the 534376th block in the chart below is 0.09854533 BTC.

4.confirmed number

How many blocks have confirmed your record of this transaction. As shown above, for 1 confirmation count.

5.Total transfers

The total number of transfers is the total number of transfers in the current block. The total amount transferred for the 534376th block in this example is 10000.44672245 BTC.

6.Mining difficulty

A measure of the average number of operations required to mine a block, reflecting how long it takes to mine a certain number of blocks at a certain difficulty.

7.Number of transactions

The total number of transactions contained in the current block. As in this example there are 892 transactions in block 534376 up to July 30, 2018 16:59:02.

market analysis


There was no big news over the weekend and no big market for BTC, moving sideways in a narrow range around $8,200 and below. While the bullish news on Bitcoin ETFs will continue to fester, driving prices higher. However, as there are still almost 2 months to go, it is just speculation in anticipation and the overall global funding situation this year is not too optimistic, so even the upside cannot be seen too high at once.

Not high space plus dozens of days, destined to rise in the road is into two steps back, up a few days down a few days, so the operation of the rebound or up can sell to do short term, reduce costs, such as in the 8200 above you can sell part of the position, pull back to 7900 below you can buy back.


As stated several times in previous articles, ETH is a follow-the-money market, so it will behave more weakly than BTC. The bounce was much smaller and the drop was much larger. All because the ETF upside is basically only going to Bitcoin.

Technically, the ETH highs are gradually decreasing and the daily technical indicator KDJ is diverging downwards, which could lead to a decline. Operationally you can take positions bought below 460, sell them above 465 and buy them back when the downward energy has been released.


The EOS market trend is somewhat similar to ETH, with EOS looking weaker in the face of a lackluster BTC rally, with narrow swings back and forth around $8 up and down over the weekend for a few days. There also seems to be a big market brewing.

Technical indicators downward appear to be in need of adjustment, and operations can continue to be short term to reduce the cost of the position. Support 7.8.


Sticking with the usual view that HT will continue to oscillate back and not buy until it gets below target position 3.


No good news on overall project progress and a weak technical rally with not enough strength and a downward shift in the center of gravity. It may fall again, and it is advisable to continue to wait and see in operation.

There's no need to panic too much about a drop, knowing that every drop is an opportunity for wealth redistribution. The key to having a fall is to be prepared for a rise.

Investments can be made in a selection of small-cap new value digital currencies, which are more likely to yield excess returns. But only advice is to ambush early, not to chase up and buy.

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