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Blockchain Investment Code (I) Impossible Triangle is a False Proposition, Efficiency, Security and Blockchain 2.0

There are very many misconceptions in the blockchain industry, a large part of which stem from the mistakes of early evangelists.

To be honest, many science-based books are basically props used by speculators to grab keywords, and many are cobbled together from a few running articles by three or five authors, with a mess of opinion logic or even fighting inside the same book.

Faced with a vast fertile field of industry to be cultivated, almost no one can resist the urge to run amok, even if their skills are not good enough.

Based on this, I'm going to write a vote to detoxify some ideas, stealing the idea that these underlying thinking perceptions are the most powerful weapons for identifying projects.

The first topic of the Blockchain Investment Code series, let's refute the "Blockchain Impossible Triangle".

What is the "impossible triangle"?

Recent editions of Long Tongs

This idea was later widely quoted both at home and abroad and became known as the "Long Tongs Triangle". Of course, there were many similar ideas before he came up with it, but it was the most influential one in China.

The reason for this "theory" is based on the core principle of how the first generation of blockchain works - Every complete node in Bitcoin and Ether needs to do exactly the same thing on the network, and every transaction has to be processed by every node in the network. On the good side, more nodes with more redundancy is more secure, and on the "bad" side, more nodes often means more time and energy.

In general, the more hardware resources a system devotes to it the better the performance will be as well, this is not the case with blockchain, without sharding 10,000 nodes hardware resources have the same processing power as 1 node, the remaining 9,999 nodes do nothing more than duplicate work.

Having done the above preliminaries, the sprinkler is ready to make a point thatThat is, there are only two poles to consider for the blockchain to achieve the desired results—— decentralization harmony expandability, security、 green、 decentralization Impossible triangle is a false proposition。

In a broad sense decentralization is only one aspect of security, but this aspect is very unusual in the blockchain world. In a way, decentralization represents an "extreme" security, which is synonymous with blockchain security.

for the same reason, expandability It's the blockchain. performance the most important segment of the, Even that is performance( efficiency) synonymous with。

Therefore, when weighing whether a blockchain project is qualified, to be precise and rigorous in terms of ensuring functional The premise that we only need to consider two other dimensions - performance harmony security

Or rather decentralization harmony expandability

decentralization, expandability, performance, securityThe other combinations of these four words are not elegant enough, and it's especially easy to make a "triangle" out of three of them.

There is, of course, an industry reference to Impossible triangle of "safety, efficiency, cost"

Efficiency is performance modal particle indicating that sth. is obvious, It's just a change of keywords., The sprinkler still insists on only considering security harmony polarities of efficiency。

have security harmony efficiency, Think about it, guys., Is cost still a thing??

Cost is a very bullshit point, often used by retards to fool the group of rogues, from the market law, as long as a thing he can continue to operate in the market, it is inevitably worth doing, while the market competition to promote technological progress, the pursuit of the minimum cost (cost) to obtain maximum utility is a natural process, no market subject is too stupid to be too much resources.

Therefore, it is none of your business if market players dispose of their resources "wastefully or not" without harming God.

For example, some retards say that bitcoin mining costs electricity, not to mention that the fiat system is more expensive electricity, paper and people, people spend their own money to buy electricity and equipment even if it is a waste of that and what does it have to do with you? If it's really a waste, that stuff can last almost 10 years? According to this indicator, every second that ya live is a waste of air and land.

True waste is unsustainable and will be corrected by the market sooner or later, and the retards' accusations will only hinder the early arrival of great things and mean nothing besides.

Under established property rights, all people do whatever they can to consume rather than waste, as long as they do not harm the legal rights of others.

The value thing is something completely subjective, the disposition of a given resource, how it is used to bring the most utility to the owner speaks for itself, no one else can fault it.

Unreasonable disposal of resources has its own market laws to clean him up. Group hooligans think people are behaving unreasonably and calling for XXX to take care of it, that's just silly, except that it's none of your business and more importantly anyone could be the next to be asked to take care of it by other group hooligans, what's the difference between that and gang rape?

Efficiency, Security and Blockchain 2.0

In summary, efficiency and security will be two of the most important topics in blockchain, and efficiency and security cannot be combined to some extent - regardless of the expansion options adopted, the nature of blockchain dictates that the same hardware resources cannot be processed more efficiently than a centralized system.

Of course, comparing to a centralized system is comical and pointless, like comparing a light bulb to an induction cooker in terms of heat generation efficiency.

However, with the advancement of technologies such as state channels, sharding, sidechains, subchains, and cross-chains, efficiency and security are not completely at odds with each other, and in the long run the fish and the bear's paw can be both. The reason why the industry would say that efficiency and decentralization are polar opposites is also based on the current state of the particular technology.

If you think of efficiency and security as the two ends of a line segment, then all blockchain projects can be placed on that segment.

Cryptographic digital currencies (coins), such as btc, bch, ltc, dash, zcash, etc., are about the bloodline of human economic activity and the ultimate in security must be sought.

BM's understanding of eos decentralization

As for public chain projects that provide infrastructure for DApps, it is understandable that by cutting the number of full nodes and building super nodes with hardware clusters to increase throughput in order to enable large commercial grade applications. The fact that fewer nodes are not "decentralized" enough (compared to a centralized system, which is decentralized) does not mean that it is insecure; it is the philosophy that it is sufficient.

From here, the DPOS line of public chains, while not a qualitative leap in blockchain technology, has its justification from a scaling perspective, which is a big reason why EOS can be a big hit.

for the time beingbtc,bch,eth,eos through (a gap) performance harmony security The perspective of trade-offs, Still in1.0 The original version of the, Difficult to reconcile with existing technical frameworks harmony The contradiction between these two。

The real blockchain 2.0 must be built on the basis of sharded parallelism while working with cross-chain technology to connect one blockchain silo into a network, these are the real blockchain 2.0.

as to3.0 assertion, It's not like it can't be rounded off, Segmentation from blockchain application scenarios, It is possible to classify cryptographic digital currency applications like Bitcoin as blockchain1.0, Ethernet smart contracts are2.0,DApp Large-scale applications are seen as blockchain3.0。 however, What Ether supports isDApp, Smart contracts areDApp harmony Blockchain interactions, It's only limited to performance The limitation is just that it cannot be used on a large scale。

The follow-up sprinkler will be published in the WeChat public“ Xu Ge” Parsing a vote for blockchain2.0 projects harmony Various expansion options, We welcome your continued interest。

Press and identify to follow

ID: xugebit, Xu Ge

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