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Blockchain Logistics Revolution

SophiaTX:Business blockchain platforms and marketplaces, Through powerful collaboration, Legacy applications can be extended, as ifERP,SCM,crm and many other applications。

Blockchain is sometimes defined as a distributed database system( Imagine a hugeExcel form), It can store all the information put into it。 A better analogy would be an endless book of accounting。 But none of these definitions really explain what makes blockchain so unique。

Many of us are already familiar with blockchain technology. For decades, we have understood all its elements, the Internet, cryptography or transport protocols. However, it is the variety of use cases offered by blockchain that has really brought about the revolution.

Blockchain helps pharmaceutical industry logistics

Blockchain technology enables people and companies to interact and freely exchange private information over the Internet in a completely secure manner, without the use of an intermediary( For example, a notary or a bank)。 The main advantage of blockchain is that it allows users themselves to participate directly in its operation and verification, Instead of a central mediator。 Anyone can join the process of validating a transaction, and protect those who have completed transactions within a particular blockchain。 The potential for use of such a database is almost endless, Its application is also easy to find in logistics。

The Swiss company EquidatoTechnologies and its Slovakian partners cooperate in the field of information technology, especially with companies dealing with the transport of pharmaceuticals and consumables that require a high degree of care. One of the most important factors to consider when transporting such cargo is temperature. Unexpectedly high temperatures may lead to devaluation of expensive commodities. Statistically, this happens in five percent of cases. Another big potential problem is costly recalls of defective food and drugs, posing a financial threat to companies.

Blockchain technology can track a variety of other key elements in transportation, For example, air humidity and storage conditions of goods in transit to the final consumer。

"In the case of the pharmaceutical industry, we're talking about a drug manufacturer and a distributor that delivers drugs to hospitals and pharmacies. Currently, there is no way for a patient or hospital representative to verify that a vaccine is being transported under optimal conditions. However, using blockchain technology, we can determine whether all conditions are met and their authenticity during the drug shipment, and whether it was produced on the date specified by the manufacturer. This is done using smart devices or IoT sensors. " explains Marian Hires, Director of Strategic Partnerships at SophiaTX, one of the collaborators at Equidato Technologies.

Blockchain also uncovered counterfeit medicines

Pharmaceutical Marketing Representative1.3 trillion dollars。 In such a large market, Forgery is a serious problem, Annual forgery-related100,000 fatalities。 therefore,SophiaTX Focused on integrating their blockchain technology intoSAP system, but (not)SAP The system is available worldwide in all14 Used in all of the largest drug manufacturers。

Given its simplicity and safety, Blockchain technology can also be implemented in almost any other industry, For example, the luxury fashion industry, where the volume of forgeries produced likewise rose gradually。

In terms of logistics, Blockchain technology can track the route and destination of shipments, and ensure the specified delivery date。“ Through IoT devices,GPS coordinates, Shipment dates and all shipping conditions are written to the blockchain。 Other centralized corporate systems are easy to manipulate, But once the data is passed to the blockchain, The supplier can no longer rewrite them,”Marian Hires Go on.。 Such a system would also be beneficial to insurance companies, Insurers can now track and intercept any provider that manipulates data。

Construction and blockchain

The construction industry is the second largest sector of the national economy after digitalization, right after the agricultural industry. Blockchain offers great architectural potential. The biggest challenge to the construction of infrastructure projects is the delays, which average up to 20 per cent per project. The final realization of many buildings is often overpriced, sometimes by as much as 80 per cent.

“ Consideration of delayed projects and reasons for their modification,63% The delays were caused by waiting for the completion of previous activities,” Senior Manager, Advisory Services, Ernst & YoungMikuláš Zalai express, He likewise worked withSophiaTX Maintaining close cooperation,“ The above phenomenon arose because the supplier was indifferent to the builder's downtime。 for example, Work ordered by contractor not yet completed, However, the material has been delivered by the supplier, Billing required。”

"This is due to a lack of information from general contractors to their subcontractors that is released between participants in the supply chain." Marian Hires went on to add.

Blockchain works by allowing each supplier to、 Carriers and all other contractors clearly see their role, Includes a variety of activities that need to be completed within a specific time period to eliminate these problems。 Give me an example., If for some reason in“ citiesA” defer construction, The company can still shift its capacity to“ citiesB”。 therefore, All members of the construction crew can better coordinate with the blockchain。 Coordination can save time and money。

Marian's view

Automotive logistics works best in just-in-time systems, Because mass production is very strict in terms of time and availability。 Blockchain allows you to track activities in your supply chain, In particular, whether the contractor provided components to the purchaser in a timely manner。

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