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Blockchain Speculation Guide 8 - Wallet Use

1.First log in to OTCBTC and go to My Assets

2.Select an electronic currency and click the "Withdraw Coins" button on the right side to enter the following page

4.The withdrawal address in the above chart refers to the destination address, i.e. the IOST address in the Bittite wallet, which can be obtained from the Bittite wallet

6.Fill in the above address to OTCBTC's New Address page, and the address creation is completed, as shown below

8.Enter the number of coin withdrawals in the above image, verify, and click Confirm. In OTCBTC for security reasons you need to go to the registered email address for reconfirmation

9.The image below shows the confirmation in the mailbox

10.After clicking "confirm" in the email, you will be automatically redirected to the OTCBTC website, click "Confirm Coin Withdrawal" in the webpage as shown below

11.After confirmation, you can check the progress in the "Top-up and embodiment history". Since it takes time to confirm blockchain transactions, you usually need to wait for a few minutes to receive the digital currency after withdrawing or topping up your coins.

12 View received digital currency in the Pitt wallet

OTCTC requires both verification in the webpage and confirmation at the registered email address when withdrawing coins for security reasons. It's slightly more complicated but safer.

In addition whether withdrawing coins or trading, the mainstream trading platforms currently ask for fees, for example in this article I transferred 80 IOST, OTCBTC charged 75 IOST as a transaction fee and only 5 actually arrived in my wallet. So please don't trade and transfer digital currencies frequently if you don't have to.

In a later post I will discuss what candy is and whether to claim it. Stay tuned!

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