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Basic concepts of smart contracts

A smart contract is a collection of code and data that can be deployed to run on the ethereum network. If you make an analogy smart contracts are more like JAVA programs, JAVA programs are executed by interpreting code bytes through JAVA virtual machine (JVM), Ethernet smart contracts are executed by interpreting byte code through Ethernet virtual machine (EVM), if you have studied assembly, you will find that the compiled byte code is very similar to assembly. Also smart contracts have their own accounts and can automatically perform some functions driven by time or events, such as the ability to pass information between each other and modify the state of the blockchain such as account information. The biggest feature of ethereum's smart contracts is that they are Turing-complete, which in layman's terms can completely simulate everything a computer can do, and the well-known Bitcoin can actually execute some simple scripts, but he is not Turing-complete, for example, circular instructions Bitcoin cannot execute.

smart contract protocol

Ether Virtual Machine EVM

The Ethernet Virtual Machine (EVM) is the environment in which smart contracts run in Ether. Not only is it sandboxed, it actually runs in complete isolation, meaning that code running inside the EVM has no access to the network, file system, or other processes, and even smart contracts have only limited calls to each other.

Smart Contracts Programming Language

It is not possible for users to write Ethernet Virtual Machine (EVM) bytecode directly, so Ethernet provides several high-level languages for writing smart contracts.

Solidity: similar to JavaScript, this is the flagship language recommended by Ether and the most popular smart contract language. For specific usage, see the Solidity documentation at:

Serpent: Python like style, documentation at

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