Blockchain applications in other areas

Yesterday, we talked about a few applications of blockchain in the financial sector, and today we're looking at a few more case studies to see how blockchain is being used in other areas. Again, I don't hold any of the tokens for the following projects, so be careful if you want to invest.

Back to the point.

copyright's identity is an EOS-based project that currently only implements authentication functionality. Users upload their public keys to the blockchain and then bind their accounts on different platforms to the public key for controlled authentication. For example, you know that "Zhang San" on a platform is a master illustrator, you want to work with him, but there is no way to contact him, then, someone tells you that the person with the micro signal "Li Si" is the "Zhang San", how can you judge? At this point, you can go to to see if "Zhang San" and "Li Si" are bound to the same public key. For example, he has a Taobao account "Wang Wu", but he doesn't want others to know that Wang Wu is the illustrator "Zhang San", so he doesn't bind it.

Certification of's work

The basic principle of is to generate a copyright badge for each work, which includes the ownership, usage rights and history of the work, which is then recorded on the blockchain. It utilizes several blockchain systems or distributed systems, the tokens are issued based on Ether, the storage and transfer of files rely on BT technology, the hashes and BT seeds of the files are stored in the Bitcoin network, and the future deployment of smart contracts is based on the Ether and IPFS networks.

Health care: the medical chain

We know that hospital records are not fully interchangeable nowadays, and you usually have to get a medical record when you go to a hospital. The core of the Healthcare Chain (HCC) is to create a common blockchain electronic medical record in the hands of patients themselves, and then based on the authenticity and integrity of that medical record, various upper layer applications can be developed to provide better services to patients.

Trackback by Everledger

Everledger is a private chain that uses blockchain technology to store records of the flow of diamonds. Diamonds can be converted into a string by gemstone fingerprinting technology, and this string will change if the diamond is recut and reworked. This string is then stored in the blockchain, which is used to record the flow of diamonds.

Artificial Intelligence: AICHAIN

Let's use an AI application scenario of "cat and dog image recognition" to illustrate. Let's start by introducing the individual characters.

Resource consumer A: has a bunch of pictures of dogs and cats on hand that need to be sorted and organized.

AI application runtime platform B: provides hardware resources on which AI programs can be run.

AI application provider C: provision of AI applications.

Data provider D: has a large number of well-categorized images of dogs and cats.

Looking again at their business processes.

1. C pays AIT (tokens of AICHAIN) to D for data to develop the application.

2. pay AIT directly for the procedure from C if A is in a position to perform the AI procedure.

3. if A is not in condition, buy from D, who then buys from C and runs the result to A.

don't invest or die

To be free is to have the right to choose, and every choice is an investment.

Thanks for reading.

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