Blockchain company Blockstream launches micropayment processing system "Lightning Charge

Blockstream, a blockchain company, has announced the launch of a micropayment processing system called Lightning Charge. The agreement is designed to make it easier for developers to build payment apps on top of their lightning networks.

According to Blockstream, Lightning Charge complements "c-lightning," the company's implementation of the Lightning Network. The system is written in the node. js and its functionality can be accessed through the Javascript and PHP libraries of the REST API, both of which are published as part of the Company Elements project.

Blockstream said:Â "Web developers will be able to work with c-lightning through their normal programming techniques, and they will also get extended functionality such as currency conversion, invoice metadata, online payment updates and web hookups." "Together, these make it easy for developers to use c-lightning to create their own standalone web-based payment infrastructure."

To test out lightning charges, Blockstream has launched an e-commerce site called Blockstream Store, which allows people to use lightning payments for small purchases. The store is built on the WordPress and WooCommerce platforms and connects lightning charges and c-lightning through a wooden lightning gateway, which was introduced as part of the Elements project. Currently, the Blockstream store only offers t-shirts for men and women, with the company slogan "Don't Trust - Verify" and some stickers.

"By providing an early demonstration of this cutting-edge technology, we hope to combine lightning with real-world functionality, providing you with a way to test lightning and be part of the micropayment revolution." However, the entire Lightning Network is still in the testing phase, with known and unknown bugs, so you should be careful using the store at your own risk," the company writes.

Nonetheless, potential buyers should keep in mind that the store is open only to test the capabilities of the technology. "While the products we sell here are real, this store is only for testing and demonstration purposes." Lightning is still very new and contains both known and unknown bugs. Be especially careful:You could lose money!," the Blockstream Store's website reads.

The blockchain company, which has received more than $76 million in investment, is committed to driving Bitcoin adoption and more use cases as well as its underlying technology. A few months ago, the company launched a new service that broadcasts Bitcoin blockchain data from space via a satellite. The promising project is called Blockstream Satellite and it will make it easy for everyone to connect to a cryptocurrency network without a Wi-Fi connection.

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