Blockchain development needs state support

Blockchain technology is a global technology that requires state support when it is not very mature in its current development. While there have been a number of companies testing blockchain technology, there has been no breakthrough. The most important thing about blockchain technology is the landing scenario application, otherwise there is no point. At present, there are not many domestic blockchain scenario applications on the ground, so there is still a need to explore new areas in further development and apply the technology to more areas.

The government as far as individuals play a role in leading the way, and government support in blockchain development likewise leads the way for businesses. Hangzhou City focuses on developing blockchain projects, and later Hangzhou University also offers courses related to blockchain technology to train related talents. There are already eight universities in China offering courses on blockchain, while the government continues to keep an eye on the latest developments in blockchain. As early as December 2016, the State Council issued the "13th Five-Year" National Informatization Plan, which listed blockchain and big data, artificial intelligence, deep machine learning and other technologies as national layout priorities.

Domestic BAT giants have long begun to layout blockchain, and various examples have proved that blockchain technology is indeed some effect on our traditional industries. In the case of applications not yet promoted technology is not too mature, the blockchain industry is still a mixed bag, but blockchain technology, however, has been believed to be the new power to reshape the world since the Internet.

In fact, China has never restricted the development of blockchain. At major conferences and forums in China, blockchain is a hot topic of discussion and attention every time, and the country has also made some plans and layouts for blockchain technology. Government level guidance determines how the blockchain goes.

With the influence of blockchain technology, more attention is being paid to the application scenarios. Recently, Li Xiaolai also said, "Blockchain technology is an experiment for the whole society, and China can definitely become the biggest market. "In the face of the opportunities of blockchain technology, blockchain technology has been applied on a trial basis in the fields of finance, healthcare, intelligent manufacturing, supply chain management, data storage and other fields, and will be applied to more industries in the future when the technology is mature.

At present, the world is studying blockchain technology, and China's attention will certainly inspire more enterprises to explore the application of blockchain technology, and the technology will continue to mature in a competitive environment, and the landing scenario is just around the corner.

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