Blockchain is hot and capital is hot: How to play blockchain under the trend of intelligent logistics Transfarazzi?


Recently, after the "chaotic period" of cryptocurrencies, blockchain has once again exploded and received great attention and importance from all parties, becoming the focus of attention in the capital market and various fields, and even the discussions and sharing in the circle of friends are overwhelming.


The world's major giant capitals are accelerating blockchain Layout of the field。 depending onCB Insights An investment report released shows, The past few years, Of the top 10 U.S. banks, Nine of them are involved in the blockchain Industry investment, Total investment amounted to2.67 $ billion。


The executives of major companies are also paying utmost attention to the latest trends in blockchain. A few days ago, Facebook founder Zuckerberg posted a lengthy blog post on his personal page titled "Personal Annual Challenge", saying he would explore the use of crypto and virtual cryptocurrencies in Facebook.


It is no coincidence that on the 9th of this month, Xu Xiaoping, the founder of the domestic real fund, called on CEOs to "all in blockchain" in an internal communication group, which became a hot topic in the capital venture capital field. Xu Xiaoping advises major entrepreneurs to understand blockchain, understand ICOs and enter the blockchain era while standing up their own business. Don't be skeptical or hesitant about blockchain and immediately mobilize your entire staff to embrace it.

What is blockchain and how to understand it blockchain technology

In 2008, a person going by the pseudonym "Satoshi Nakamoto" published a nine-page white paper on electronic cash systems. A year later, he mined the first block of Bitcoin, the Genesis block, the first milestone in the history of the blockchain. Ten years later, blockchain It's arguably the hottest technology of the moment, If you bring up blockchain, I don't understand or can't explain it yet., I'm embarrassed to be in the business.。

How do you understand blockchain?

Simply put, a blockchain is a decentralized trust mechanism. blockchain technology It's a way for all people to participate in bookkeeping。 All systems have a database behind them, You can think of the database as one big ledger, At the moment, they're keeping their own books.。 But in blockchain system, Everyone can come in for bookkeeping, The system will choose the fastest and best bookkeeper, Write down what he recorded in the ledger, and send the contents of the book to everyone in the system for backup。 Still don't get it.? So let's take a chestnut., The following is a list of the current research on blockchain The most understandable explanation:

In the domestic market, based on blockchain technology, major Internet companies have entered, and the application market is hot. The stock price of the public company that laid it out skyrocketed, and even the cats in the game were selling for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

So, in this blockchain revolution, how does Transfluent "play" blockchain?

The complex supply chain of the freight and logistics industry encompasses a vast amount of information about shipper companies, freight brokers and cargo. Blockchain likewise brings the potential for disruptive change in the logistics industry and will provide a cheaper and more efficient logistics management system for the industry in the future.

The main attraction of blockchain technology is its ability to create decentralized, immutable distributed ledgers - networks with no single point of failure, maintained by multiple participants, whose information cannot be hacked or corrupted. This increases the security and transparency of all information stored on the blockchain throughout the life cycle of a transaction. Predictably, the The future of logistics and freight will rely heavily on blockchain.

Just two months ago. Transfar announced the launch of Transfar's Blockchain as a service platform and will accelerate its application in Transfar's intelligent logistics system

BaaS It is a new type of cloudservices, one type of combination blockchain technology cloudsservices。 Transfusion Smartlink blockchain The launch of the platform signifies that Transfar will be the first company within the logistics industry to advanceBaas of the first Internet companies。 Transfusion SmartlinkBaaS The platform is committed to postSaasservices current age“ blockchain+ operational” put into practice, In providing blockchain technology underlyingservices while, Offers a variety of proven blockchain solution。

“ blockchain The efficiency gains are not only in the technology, More so, it is reflected in the business。”BaaS The platform's project leader, Ge Shizan, describes it this way blockchain technology (located) at“ Transnational Network” Application characteristics in。“ conflict with the traditionalB/S Architecture Compared to, blockchain Significant benefits in terms of accuracy of books and consistency of transactions。 pass (a bill or inspection) blockchain technology (located) at‘ Transfar Intelligent Logistics’ Applications in the, Will nearly enhance the credibility of the data, Shortening the review cycle for financial operations, Improving real-world operational efficiency。”

The Transfluent BaaS platform will currently offer three main blocks of solutions.

Blockchain Depositsservices

:: Blockchain for supply chain financial services

● blockchain Books and dataservices

At present, the Transforma BaaS platform is actively exploring the practical application of distributed ledgers in conjunction with logistics business scenarios to promote the solution of trust issues in the logistics industry. The data kept through the blockchain allows for quick resolution when disputes occur, and disputes that would have taken 30 days to complete can now be effectively resolved in 7 days.

moreover, Transfluent actively explores blockchain technology Application in various product businesses within Transnet。 Under the banner of Transfluent BarterTee, for example, through the application of the Transforma BaaS platform in the field of cold chain transport It makes full use of blockchain decentralization and open and transparent records to optimize cargo transportation routes and schedules, enhance cargo transportation security, share its own carrier capacity with more customers, and maximize the utilization of cold chain logistics resources. Currently, it has been launched cold chain coin The planning, through the cold chain coins, can facilitate the rapid growth of the business.

The logistics industry will certainly achieve rapid improvement through the application of new technologies and concepts, which can also help Transfar Intelligence build a 'smart-made' Chinese freight network," said Tang Junfeng, vice president of Transfar Intelligence. "

It is foreseeable that Transfar will ride on the revolutionary zeitgeist and play an important role in developing the future of intelligent logistics networks.

* Source: Transforma Intelligent Logistics, WeChat Public Reproduced with permission.

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