Blockchain is so hot, why is your coin still down?

Article/Lao Qin Speaks on Coins (ID: laoqinshuobi)

I woke up to a flood of articles and remarks about the People's Daily's three questions about blockchain. Unlike the past, this time the People's Daily maintained an optimistic and positive attitude towards blockchain, which is a kind of a shot in the arm for blockchain.

After all, the country is holding the Third Plenary Session and stability needs to be maintained on all fronts, especially in the financial markets.

Speaking of today's Third Plenary Session, Old Chin wants you to pay more attention to the regulatory reform in finance, which plays a crucial role in the financial environment in 2018.

These are a few focal points to focus on.

1, before there are rumors that the Banking Regulatory Commission and the Insurance Regulatory Commission will be merged, the implementation of the "one line, two committees" structure, supported by the Insurance Regulatory Commission at the helm of the candidate has not been determined.

2, the identification of a new central bank at the helm, whether to be selected from within the system or by a more senior leader in addition, is also the focus of attention.

3, regulatory measures in blockchain and digital currency, this one has the most direct impact on the cryptocurrency world.

Lao Qin Watching the Market

The whole Spring Festival old Qin has been soaking in the 3 o'clock group inside to see the big brothers heated debate, it has been a long time to analyze the market with you, today to talk to you about the recent market situation.

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS: Bitcoin BTC bottomed quickly after falling below $6,000 in early February, and then began to gradually rebound on the back of a large amount of bottom-feeding money lift-off. At the same time overlaid with the hot spot of the 3 o'clock group Chinese New Year heated debate, accelerating the cryptocurrency market environment back, driving the price of Bitcoin BTC to climb, the price once rose to $12,000.

And there are three main reasons for the current shock pullback in the price of Bitcoin BTC.

1, this wave of rally market, bitcoin BTC price almost doubled, the pre-bottom funds have been profitable, in bitcoin BTC failed to break through the $ 12,000 mark then sell off, take profits out, making bitcoin BTC price fell back.

2, this wave of the rebound market, the funds in the early half of the bottom of the mountain to gradually unwind, also began to join the ranks of the smash out, bitcoin BTC price is under pressure to fall.

3, three plenary sessions, the domestic regulatory measures for digital currency has not yet been introduced, short-term funds mostly to avoid the main, and the bottom of the funds are mostly wait-and-see attitude, also makes the bitcoin BTC price is weak, shock down is expected.

Lao Qin's view: every national conference, in the case of unclear policy, the market is mostly shocking, the market capital is also mostly wait-and-see, which is basically the practice.

So you should pay more attention to the content of the recent conference, if the conference period is dominated by positive news, the price of Bitcoin BTC is likely to stabilize around $9,000 and then rally again. If there is a major short during the convention, then the first support level of $9,000 will be difficult to hold, so wait for a bottoming opportunity after the decline stabilizes!

Ether ETH

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS: Ether ETH has been moving more slowly and the price has been oscillating within a rectangular area of $780 - $980. The main reason is that new projects are hard to make money, or even mostly broken, leading to low enthusiasm for investment in the primary market, making the demand for Ether ETH decrease, and the price then has difficulty climbing, and can only be narrowly oscillating at low levels.

Lao Qin's view: the volume of Ether ETH was low throughout February, and the main capital was not willing to pull the disk. If the trend is still likely to oscillate within a rectangular area when the overall environment doesn't really pick up. Therefore short term funds may consider selling high and taking low in the rectangular area.

Yuzu EOS

Technical analysis: small grapefruit EOS recent go show oscillating downward trend, from the flow of funds to see more to sell, while the average for the short head arrangement, short occupies the dominant low, short term have continued to fall risk.

Lao Qin's view: pay attention to the support level of Yuzu EOS at $7.6, the line can be used as a long-short demarcation level, if the intraday break needs to be operated to reduce positions. If the price drops to the previous low, you can operate with a moderate amount of cover to hold more low chips.

The recent trend of cottage coins is very weak, leek entry speed becomes slower, plus the General Assembly held during, the main funds are more wait-and-see attitude, so the old Qin think short-term cottage coins risk is big, so it is better to gather funds low to pick up some mainstream coins, but also relatively safe and reliable some.

If the old iron must play, it is recommended to find their own understanding, if you can not see, step lightly play mainstream, before the market reversal, never full operation.

In terms of the bigger picture, the current environment is not clear, as domestic regulation has not yet landed, but one thing is for sure is that regulation will only get stricter and stricter, so in the long run it is conducive to the benign development of the coin market. In the short term, it is more wait and see and should not rush to the bottom.

That's all the analysis today, if the old iron needs the help of old Qin to analyze the coins, the bottom of the public number message can be.

Well, that's all I have to talk to you about today.

Article/Lao Qin Speaks on Coins (ID: laoqinshuobi)

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