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Blockchain technology to redefine search engines? Laid-back money for all will become possible

For a review of this year's buzzwords, it's Bitcoin and blockchain technology that will take the crown! With a bitcoin costing over $100,000 today, one can't help but be jaw-dropping! In addition to the all the way high price of Bitcoin, its underlying blockchain technology has set off a new technological revolution.

One of the best features of blockchain technology is that every device that accesses the network is a server in addition to being a client. Based on this feature, can we redefine search engines?

The existing search engine, which can actually be seen as a distribution platform for information, indexes the content of every device on the network, and users needing to retrieve information have to open a specific search engine. The downside of doing this is also obvious, take Google, Google can decide what information is at the top and what information can be displayed and what information is blocked out, which is unjust and fair.

So can we do this and develop such a system (hereinafter called BlockSearch) that users can put a part of their mobile phone or computer content that can be shared out into a quarantine area, and other users can search these shared contents through BlockSearch without going through any third-party information distribution platform like Google.

Plus what's even more exciting about BlockSearch is that everyone can make money with the system! Let's say you share a series of beautiful photos of your travel on your blockchain quarantine, then you pick up a travel agency's ad and put it on your blockchain quarantine, when other users search for your photos, the travel agency's ad will be shown at the same time, at which point the ad revenue goes directly to you. When you share enough content that's valuable enough, your income will grow with it, so to speak, lying down!

Plus there's room in BlockSearch to add a rating system, a credit system, and even pay for all your advertising via bitcoin, the imagination is huge! In this analysis, BlockSearch will not only solve all the drawbacks of traditional search engines, it will also increase employment and distribute wealth to everyone who holds a device, not a few web giants!

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