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Didi Dache

The director of the garden today to talk about the recent particularly hot "taxi chain". After the release of the "taxi chain", many industry insiders are speculating how taxi will be combined with blockchain, from the information contacted by the director of the garden, the driver can upload the identity, location, price, evaluation and other information to the blockchain, passengers filtered according to the driver information to find a more reliable driver to match their needs.


Block Chain

as far as sth is concerned centralization In terms of taxi software, Whenever they want to., Easily implantable on existing platforms blockchain Related functions of the。 In such a situation, in case“ taxi chains” Go head-to-head with traditional ride-hailing apps on these tracks, You can say there's no chance of winning。 Although it is true that you have what is called blockchain mindset, however centralization The user ecosystem of ride-hailing apps is already extremely large。

blockchain+ hitch a lift

competition of skill (e.g. sports)

blockchain+ hitch a lift

Assuming that the gun goes off now, both "Taxi Chain" and DDT will run wildly towards the end of "Blockchain+Ride", no matter which way you look at it, DDT will reach the end of "Blockchain+Ride" earlier than you, "Taxi Chain", and finally dominate the market and kick out the latecomers.


Who is the capitalist

So the question is, who are the "capitalists"? No doubt, it's big companies like Drip, and the shareholders behind them. In Chen Weixing's plan, the "taxi chain" platform will kick out these centralized large enterprises and instead give control of the platform to "workers" and "consumers", who will manage the platform by these decentralized individuals.

In the case of the familiar EOS, for example, while there are no fees at all for its transfer circulation, the miners responsible for packaging it still receive a bonus from the 1% incremental tokens issued each year.


blockchain Development and use scenario

As for the inflation of the tokens, it will require the project owner to create a series of usage scenarios for them, which will be solved by increasing the demand. In this respect, if the "taxi chain" wants to ensure low or no cost, a reasonable token economy design is essential.

online taxi

blockchain technology

nevertheless, We must also see that, go to (a place) centralization of blockchain technologyas far as sth is concerned online taxi Some other current industry pain points, There is no direct solution given( For example, the issue of entry barriers for drivers), Rather, they are pinning their hopes for a solution on a distributed, autonomous open source community, But here's the thing., This type of distributed organization would make it easier than centralization Better execution options for businesses??

Please enter image description Is the founding team of Taxi Chain capable of designing a sensible community structure and incentives that will allow community members to solve this problem efficiently? All of this can only be left to time to verify.

Blockchain Applications

Virtual Coin Platform Development

This is the end of the introduction and analysis of "taxi chains". probably blockchain technology The reimagining of an industry in a vertical like taxi-hailing may not have been able to leave the founder in the history books, but the reimagining of business organization and even production relations by its decentralized ideology should.

Virtual Coin Platform Development

blockchain Platform building

Just as Uber's greatness isn't just about improving the ease of access to transportation, it's about ushering in a whole new era of the sharing economy. This is probably the reason why Chen Weixing regards the "taxi chain" as a "Nobel-class great social experiment".

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