cool hit counter blockchain governance for EOS_Intefrankly blockchain governance for EOS

EOS's Blockchain governance

EOS has quickly grown to be one of the highest performing and most used public chains in the world, but it has been live for less than 5 months.

We are starting to see the results of a dynamic evolution, a new form of consensus uniting Token holders with Block Producers (BPs).

We note some unconfirmed claims about block producer (BP) voting and the subsequent denial of those claims. We believe that it is important to ensure that a free and democratic electoral process takes place and that the integrity of the process can be strengthened by voting with other holders as we deem appropriate. We continue to work on our weak interventions with the aim of increasing the willingness of the larger community through a transparent system that includes community feedback.

As the EOSIO open source code continues to improve, we have thought extensively about the future of decentralized governance and are committed to continuing to drive thought leadership on optimal design.

We remain very optimistic about the future of EOS and believe its rapid adoption is a testament to the success of providing a free, high-performance, decentralized infrastructure for the next generation of internet applications.

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