cool hit counter B-site vs 360 Fast Video: which end do you stand on?_Intefrankly

B-site vs 360 Fast Video: which end do you stand on?

B-site vs 360 Fast Video: which end do you stand on?

After Waterdrop Live, 360 Fast Video has spread another scandal of number theft, not sparing B station, A station and Weibo one by one.

Yesterday, the young and exuberant Station B was the first to come forward, issuing a lawyer's letter warning Fast Video to immediately remove the infringing content and pay damages and a public apology.

Today, the official response of fast video, admitted that some accounts privately steal the content of B station, but has nothing to do with the platform, there is no database off the library, access to the user's personal privacy said.

Previously, a large number of B-stationup owners found that they could directly log in with their B-station account passwords on 360 Fast Video, which means that either Fast Video took the B-station database offline or collected a lot of user information behind the scenes.

This whole thing has a lot of little transparent users and over the top 18 line up owners cringing, fast videos that only came out in 17 years, how can I have the face to upload my 15 years of posting videos that no one gives a shit about?

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