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Build a JSP development environment

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As the saying goes, "if you want to be good at what you do, you must first be good at what you do", so before JSP development, you need to build the entire development environment.

Explain in advance, because JSP (Java Server Pages) is based on java development, as shown: JSP code needs to be converted by the server into Servlet code and compiled into Class files after loading, so it must be supported by the JDK and executed with the Web server as the center.

So first you have to install and configure the JDK:.

1, download and install the JDK (specific installation directory to decide), download address.

2, configure environment variables (Win7 system as an example): right-click "Computer" → Properties → Advanced System Settings → Environment Variables → find and double-click the "path" system variable in the System Variables box → write the bin path of the JDK installation directory at the end of the variable value (such as "C:Program Files (x86)Javajdk1.6.0_10in; "), do not omit the final score, and click OK. If you want to test if the configuration is successful, you can run cmd and execute the javac command, the following screen will appear.

With the JDK taken care of, it's time to configure the server.

Tomcat is more suitable for learners because it is a lightweight and supports JSP and Servlet technology web server.

Installation and configuration of the server Tomcat

Tomcat download at. It has two types of installation, one is in rar format, which requires unzipping and configuring environment variables, and the other is in exe format, which can be installed directly. For installation details, please click on. Tomcat installation method

Database selection

Because MySQL has the advantages of being short, compact, full-featured, fast, and completely free, it is more suitable for Web beginners.

MySQL download at.

Eclipse installation

Eclipse is a Java-based, open source, extensible application development platform that provides a first-class Java IDE for programmers. It is a platform that can be used to build integrated web and application development tools that do not provide a large amount of functionality themselves, but rather enable rapid development capabilities for programs through plugins.

Eclipse download at.

When all this work is almost ready, you can do JSP learning development.

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