CBIM says, listen to our voice - Issue 010 4DBIM Cloud Platform

CBIM says, listen to our voices

Hello everyone, today we move on to introduce the 4DBIM cloud platform, a domestic BIM platform.

4DBIM cloud platform belongs to by Beijing CloudJianxin Technology Co., Ltd, his predecessor is a version of LAN-based project collaboration developed by Professor Zhang Jianping's team at Tsinghua University.

With "Internet+" as the driver and industry demand as the target, he takes 4D-BIM and BIM-FIM technology products of Tsinghua University as the core, and uses self-developed BIM cloud and big data platform to provide BIM consulting, product development and technical services covering the whole process of design, construction and operation and maintenance for municipal construction and national lifeline and other infrastructure projects, forming reusable knowledge, technology, products and big data accumulation. To help the process of information industrialization in the construction field and provide strong support for the realization of the national "Belt and Road" strategy and the leapfrog development of capital construction.

4D-BIM cloud platform: provide high quality and efficient graphics and data engine for 4D-BIM, BIM-FIM and subsequent products, and provide platform support for realizing BIM management and software integration for the whole life cycle of engineering projects.

4D-BIM: for the construction phase, providing functions related to the integrated management of BIM-based projects, supporting the collaborative work and dynamic management of multiple engineering fields, multiple application parties and multiple specialties.

BIM-FIM: for the operation and maintenance phase, providing functions related to BIM-based intelligent management of electromechanical equipment, providing support for operation and maintenance, health inspection and emergency management.

4D-SOP: For the construction phase, it provides 4D standard operation guidance function of Internet+BIM, which provides interactive, lightweight and visualized operation guidance and technical instructions for the construction site.

All in all, 4DBIM Cloud Platform is an excellent BIM cloud platform with a wealth of real-world experience and is constantly improving.

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