CMV: Artificial intelligence is the most important advancement in the future of civilization

Imagine you're trapped inside a burning house, about to collapse, and the only way out is to rub a light in it. If you wipe the lights, you can soon wish yourself out of your situation. You can wish yourself into a brand new mansion, floating palace or pocket dimension, or you can simply wish the house back to normal.

But if you miss your wish, you could be in a much worse position. Luxury homes may also be burning. Elves may misinterpret your palace and teleport to a sharp floating fence with pocket sizes that may be pocket-sized. Your house may return to normal and it may become a grove of trees and uncut rocks.

However. Elves are the difference between life and death if the lights don't work, you're already dead and any future elf choice will be your future.

Thus, whether or not AI is effective, the future of our species will likely be determined by its capabilities.

If AI is a paperclip maximizer, then the future will be paperclips. If AI is a stamp maximizer, then the future will be stamps. If AGI is about maximizing pleasure, then maybe the future will be a lost paradise. If this is a war maximizer, then war is the future.

The editor of Backyard Events agrees that gene editing will make us more important. With CRISPR, we're going to see huge leaps in more advanced genetic modification. We can eliminate genetic diseases and edit our genes to make people smarter, healthier, and stronger. It will change our civilization and even humanity itself.

Another major advance associated with genetic modification is the stopping and reversing of aging. Already one company says they have addressed a major cause of aging and have even tested it on people. Aubrey De Gray is working on a complete cure for aging and has identified all the different causes of aging that he is now working on. Immortal humans combined with editing our own genes will mean that humans will never be the same.

Artificial intelligence will be big, but hopefully not as big.

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