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Cadillac XT4 spy photos luxury compact SUV / future domestic

[Pacific Auto New Car Channel] We recently obtained a set of spy photos of a new Cadillac model, which is expected to be the new Cadillac model - XT4. XT4 is positioned as a luxury compact SUV, competing with Mercedes-Benz GLA, BMW X1 and Audi Q3, and will be given to SAIC-GM in the future.

According to the new vehicle plan previously released by GM, the Cadillac brand will launch 10 new vehicles in the future, which includes replacement models and new models for more segments. In the SUV market, Cadillac plans to launch four SUV models by 2021, each laying out a mainstream segment of SUVs, the first of which will be the compact SUV Cadillac XT4.

According to foreign media reports, the XT4 is expected to come with self-driving technology, thus showing what Cadillac has achieved in terms of autonomous driving.

Both the XT4 and XT5 are said to come from the same platform, the production process is the same, and the XT4 will also have the same 2.0T engine as the XT5 in the future, so the chances are great that the parts for both cars will come from the same suppliers. And a number of XT5 owners have previously complained about the number of minor problems with the XT5 and even a circuit spontaneous combustion. If it's true as stated above, the XT4 will have to work more on quality control if it wants to avoid the same problems as the XT5. (By Kam Chan, Pacific Auto)

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