cool hit counter Cai Bilei: Be an understanding person in complex times, let's cognitively upgrade together in '18!_Intefrankly

Cai Bilei: Be an understanding person in complex times, let's cognitively upgrade together in '18!

Time: Wednesday, April 4, 2018 19:00

Venue: Jiangxi Xinhua Culture Square, 1st floor, center stage

Work: "Cognitive Breakout

Get to know yourself again - you can't really blame luck for not having a chance

Reconceptualize knowledge - It's not that knowledge is useless, it's that you won't use it

Reconnecting with money - uncontrolled saving is a big pitfall

Reconnecting with time - where you spend it determines who you are

Reconnecting with relationships - respecting boundaries and finding your niche

Reconnecting with life - the pattern that defines your world

10 minutes a day, 1 book a week, 52 books a year.

A global classic cognitive book, dismantled by Uncle Tsai himself.

This is Ant Private School, taking you through the cognitive iterations.

Private Session Event I

Cognitive Breakout 2017 - Being Understanding in Complex Times

Uncle Cai and his ant private school have done all those things

Ant Private School's second school year book removal selection plan shared

Ant Private School National City Extension Program

Heavy: Ant Private Reading and Ant Live Platform Planning

"Like me to link the world

While information about blockchain is flying all over the

You'll be shocked to learn that this should be an opportunity, or it could be a pit.

In case you didn't know, not being involved.

But it cannot be ignored.

Private Session Activity 2

Like Me 2018 - an eco-content for the future

Discovering great content for users that really deserves attention

How do blockchain, book clubs, and regular people fit together?

1 course

2 APPs

3 "listed" companies

Editor: Li Ling

1、43MongoDB basic concepts and database operations
2、How to install and configure Redmine on Ubuntu 1604
3、DjangoRESTframework Vue to build a fresh supermarket a
4、The universal programming language
5、Hadoop Fundamentals II

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