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Cai Jia Ren: A hacker fan who is not a "balanced" kind of student

It's not hard to watch martial arts movies growing up to find that those who have great martial arts skills and walk the jungle warriors are mostly masters of the sword, and this theory seems to hold true in the world of schoolboys.

At least, this is evident in the case of Jiaren Cai, an information and computing science major at WPI.

with He scored 50 points higher than the first grade and got into Xipu. Cai Jiaren, a sophomore, experienced frustration in her major classes: she could only understand 40 percent or less of the foreign teachers who spoke at a fast pace.

This spring.She's about to graduate. with First authorship of papers in top international journals, He has received offers from many prestigious universities around the world for graduate studies.。

Dr. Xin Huang of the Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering describes Jiaren Cai: "She is a new height out of the students I've led. "

But Cai Jiaren does not consider herself a schoolteacher in the traditional sense. "I'm not a very balanced 'triple', I have 'long and short legs' but I also have aspects of myself that are very strong."

She described herself in one word - "The sword goes off the rails."

The more you don't understand English.

The more you have to force yourself to sit in the first row

Walking into the interview room, Cai Jiaren took out a laptop from inside her shoulder bag and told her story from the beginning while checking data and confirming proper nouns at any time.

On the college entrance exam, Cai Jiaren scored the highest score she had ever scored in high school English: 119. But when she entered the all-English university of Liverpool, she was confused by the fact that she could not understand her major classes.

"Being poor at listening and speaking myself, I was rather unconfident at first." She said, "Sometimes a teacher's sentence flashes by and passes by in her mind before she can recognize it. "

In order to break through the English bottleneck, Cai Jiaren desperately reads more courseware, electronic original textbooks and online classes at home and abroad, "constantly exposed to new vocabulary and adding them to his knowledge base."

"Computing is a whole new field, and all students are going to the same starting line." She said, "No matter how bad the past is, you can be a schoolteacher. "

Every time I take a professional class. Cai Jiaren insisted on sitting in the first and second rows of the classroom so that she would have more chances to be asked questions by the teacher and would be able to force herself to "have to talk".

It is also crucial to take your freshman and sophomore EAP (English for Academic Purposes) classes seriously, says Chia-Yin Tsai.“EAP The teacher was very patient and forgiving, If you're willing to talk., Even if you can only pop out a few words, And they understand.。 that which with—— Don't refuse to give yourself a chance。”

Having been immersed in the international educational environment of Xipu until her junior year, Cai Jiaren has no problem listening to her major classes. In her resume, she particularly emphasized the highlight of the Sino-British cooperation background and full English lectures at SIP, thus conveying the message to the examiner that she is fully capable of studying and doing research in an English-only environment at a foreign university.

Hooked on hacking

No SURF places

Just be a lab volunteer.

"For the entire year of my freshman year, I read all of the school library books on hacking, including various hacker biographies."

Jiaren Cai, who is studying Information and Computing Science, has been interested in hacking knowledge since her freshman year. In her sophomore year, she made it clear that she wanted to attend graduate school in California, home of Silicon Valley, in the future.

In the latter two years of her undergraduate studies, instead of choosing to go to the University of Liverpool in the UK, Chia-Yin Tsai stayed on at WPI to complete her studies.

"There are more research opportunities at home, and you can follow your teachers in the lab." She said.

During the second semester of her sophomore year, she read about the Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) on the school's website. After interviewing the four instructors one by one, Dr. Huang Xin's project, which focuses on IoT network security, aroused the strong interest of "hacker fan" Cai Jiaren.

"Mr. Huang Xin is my leader." She said.

Although there were no more places in the SURF program at that time, the Cai Jiaren decided to participate in research as a volunteer "not obsessed with the availability of SURF funding support".

With this as a starting point, Cai Jiaren began her dissertation "triple jump".

After two months of research practice during the summer, her first introductory paper was published in the journal of the first "Technology for Future Interactive Systems (ETIS) Conference" at SIP in September of that year.

In December of that year, a second paper was published, the result of her scientific work assisting her PhD student supervisor and as third author.

The third most difficult paper, which Jiaren Cai chose to submit, was IEEE access - a journal classified by the JCR (Journal Citation Reports) as Zone 1, one of the international journals with the highest impact factor in the field.

"The challenge of challenging an SCI paper as an undergraduate is immense." Mr. Huang Xin said.

Cai Jiaren started writing it in June last year, and it was rejected twice, then revised according to the reviewers' comments, and "changed fifty or sixty versions before and after". She clicked on a folder with her mouse, and inside were densely arranged Word documents.

The publication of this weighty paper paved the way for her research application.

Global diversity trends

Top schools prefer students with rich experiences

The GRE, TOEFL, and GPA (GPA) are jokingly referred to as the "triple circumference" on a famous study abroad forum in China.

"In conventional wisdom, the only way to get a good offer is to have a balanced 'triple' and high scores in all three categories." She said.

Cai Jiaren's TOEFL score, on the other hand, was not particularly top-notch.

With the help of a senior, she conducted a comprehensive analysis of the application information of three WPI students in the same major and found that international admissions to many of the top U.S. schools are showing an increasing trend of diversity.

"They no longer look only at students with high scores in the traditional sense, but prefer students who have had a rich experience , such as having a good research experience, having published a good paper, or having worked as an intern in a lab in the US ...... There will be some green light for such students. "I'm sorry," she said.

The first three days of this year's Lunar New YearJiaren Cai received an offer of admission to the University of California, Irvine, which is her preferred campus. Not only is the school ranked highly in the field of computer science, but it also has the number one networking school in the country.

Cai Jiaren's future path is to work in Silicon Valley for a few years after graduating with her master's degree, and then continue her studies with a PhD after gaining some understanding of the industrial world.

And starting this summer, she'll be working on her resume and applying for internships in the U.S. next summer.

"You can't wave when you get an offer." She said.

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