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Calling a variable in another JSP page in a JSP page

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In jsp learning, often need to call a variable in a jsp page in another jsp page, the following days of learning, summarized.

There are various ways to call variables between jsp pages.

1, through the built-in object of jsp - request object to obtain parameters.

(1) Passing of references by hyperlink.

Example: Passing the value of i from a.jsp to b.jsp.

The core code in the a.jsp page is.

<a href="b.jsp?i=1">pass on references</a>( instructions: fori The assignment can also be made withjsp expression (math.), for examplei=<% variable name %>)

The core code in the b.jsp page is.

<%String j=request.getParameter("i"); %>

<%=j %>

(2) By the request.setAttribute() method.

Example: Transfer the value of name from the form in a.jsp to b.jsp.

The core code in the a.jsp page is.


The core code in the b.jsp page is.

<%String getName=request.getParameter("name"); %>

(3) Passing a reference through a form.

Example: Transfer the value of name from the form in a.jsp to b.jsp.

The core code in the a.jsp page is.

<form action="b.jsp" method="post">


<li><input type="text" name="username">

<li>w<input type="submit" name="submit" value=" submit">



The core code in the b.jsp page is ;

<%String getUserName=request.getParameter("username");>

<%=getUserName %>

(4) Passing a reference through the hidden field of a form.

Example: Transfer the variables defined in a.jsp to b.jsp;

The core code in a.jsp is.

<%!int a=4; %> <form action="b.jsp" method="post"> <input type="hidden" name="b" value=<%a%>>

<input type="submit" value=" submit">


The core code in b.jsp is.

<%int c=(Integer)request.getAttribute("b"); %>

( The above code or for<%String c=request.getAttribute("c").toString(); %> wait a minute!, Type conversion passjava the same as) <%=c %>

Run result: the value of the variable a=4 is passed to c in b.jsp via the form hidden field b.

2. Obtaining form information through JavaBean.

Example: Getting user login form information with JavaBean.

 Login.jsp The core code in:
 <form action="Deal.jsp" method="post">
 <li> user ID:<input type="text" name="username">
 <li> pin number:<input type="password" name="password">
 <li><input type="submit" name="submit" value=" log in">
 JavaBean The core code in:
 package com;
 public class UserBean{
private String username;
 private String password;
 public String getUserName(){
 return username;
 publicvoid setUserName(String username){
 public String getPassword(){
 return password;
 public void setPassword(String password){

The core code in Deal.jsp is :

 <jsp:useBean id="user" class="com.UserBean" >
<jsp:setProperty name="user" property="*">
 <%String username=user.getUserName();%>
 <%String password=user.getPassword();%>
  The user name obtained is:<%=username%><br>
 The password obtained is:<%=password%>

among others,Deal.jsp hit the target<jsp:setProperty name="user" property="*"> The asterisk in the indicates that an assignment to all attributes with the same name, Of course it is also possible to selectively assign values to properties: <jsp:setProperty name="user" property="username">、<jsp:setProperty name="user" property="password"> etc.。

Surely there must be better and more ways to do this, and I look forward to the advice of the experts.

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