Can Tencent staff see our chat logs when we chat on WeChat?

Without realizing it, WeChat and QQ, which we use every day, have been with us for more than a decade, and the number of WeChat users has surpassed the 1 billion mark. As usage grows, more and more users may start to worry about the security of their chat history. So are we, as users, safe from the private content of our chats?

Tencent had issued an official statement:

1. WeChat does not keep any user's chat records, and the chat content is only stored on the user's mobile phone, computer and other terminal devices.

2. WeChat will not use any of the user's chat content for big data analysis.

3, because WeChat does not store and analyze the base model of user chat content, the rumor that "we are watching your WeChat every day" is purely a misunderstanding.

Although Tencent has repeatedly said to the public that it will not look at users' chat logs in the background, we are users, and questions will still be asked.

Ma Huateng has previously said in a media interview that Tencent's graphic recognition system is so advanced that it can even identify how a person will look twenty years from now. At that time, the host asked Ma where the images used for big data analysis came from. Ma Huateng responded awkwardly:Â "Tencent does not use WeChat chat records for big data analysis." And, Tencent's self-developed YouTu system has now been applied to the police to solve crimes. In Guangzhou, the patrol police can already use Tencent Sky Eye for face recognition. One might wonder where exactly these images for big data analysis come from. As you can imagine, Tencent is definitely the most convenient to use the data in WeChat and QQ. But we shouldn't jump to conclusions because of that, we need evidence for everything.

I think Tencent can see it but won't go for it. Because it is against the law, the protection of personal information generated in e-commerce and social networking is clearly defined in the Cyber Security Law. Access to personal information can only be done with the consent and knowledge of the user. If Tencent goes to view the chat records of WeChat or QQ without your consent, then Tencent is breaking the law.

From a technical point of view, Tencent is not going to store everyone's long-term chat records, because the volume of users is too large, so there are naturally many records, which would be very wasteful of server resources. The company's main goal is to provide a comprehensive range of products and services to the public. And if necessary, Tencent's servers may also capture users' chat logs based on sensitive words, so the moment you make any inappropriate comments you may be captured and stored by Tencent. So since it is possible to store chat logs, it is certainly possible to look at them as well.

As the Internet giant Tencent certainly will not claim to have violated the privacy of users, but what specifically has been done, we ordinary people and even ordinary employees of Tencent certainly do not know, unless Tencent core staff have this possibility. I wonder if you have found that every new product launched by Tencent, why are they able to put capture the psychology of the majority of users? Not only WeChat, but also the various very hot games that Tencent has come out with, all of which cater to a wide range of users appropriately and with all sorts of details that are well thought out and thoughtful. This must be because of Tencent's big data analysis and user experience surveys, and as to where this big data comes from, we still don't know? But since it's big data, it certainly won't target anyone, not to mention that we're just ordinary people, so there's no need to worry too much about it.

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