Can innovation be taught?

Education is not about imparting facts, And in enlightening wisdom。—— Albert Einstein (1879-1955), famous Austrian physicist


Faculty engage young faculty in“ Innovation Coaching Boot Camp”。 I went straight to the leader after the meeting adjourned and told him about my distrust—— in my opinion, There's no way to teach innovation.。

If innovation can be taught, Then the person who teaches innovation is at least worth more than the person who goes。 Because the price of the final product is attributable to the price of the factors of production。 Innovative capacity is scarce in the population, The opportunity cost of teaching innovation is too high, rational choice It should be to start a business.。

Would Bill Gates have given up entrepreneurship back then to become an innovation coach and teach others how to start a Microsoft? Stock commentators get up early every day and run to the TV station to pontificate. If you're really capable of picking stocks, shouldn't you have a hundred thousand dollars under your belt and ride a crane to Antarctica?

I can't teach my students something I don't believe in myself.

The leader expressed understanding, But I was encouraged to give it a try。

break the ice

So on Wednesday night, I ran off to try it. Apart from 2 colleagues, all those who came were students they didn't know. Everyone was a bit formal at first.

Coach Yan makes the opening statement and speaks eloquently. He told us that everything that could be found on Baidu, he would not speak about.

This is an interesting reference.

We were all called from around the table to the open space to play a game. The game trains concentration and you have to be highly focused to avoid being eliminated. Everyone socially broke the ice and got to know each other. Then the numbers 1-5 are cycled and those who report the same number are put into groups.

Ms. Lin and I were assigned to the first group. There was one other boy and two girls in the same group.


Back in your seat., Found a few extra sheets of paper and pencils on the table。 On the paper are neatly lined up various shapes。 The requirement given to us is to turn the graph into something concrete in the fastest way possible。 For example a circle, You can add a tail to make a balloon, Or draw eyes, nose and mouth., Into a face。

There are 4 sheets of paper in total. The most done was 3 sheets.

Coach Yan told us that someone had done something particularly ingenious earlier - a curve that strung all the circles together to make a necklace!

ingenious! Why didn't I think of that??

The following session requires the selection of a group leader. The boy in our group drew 2 1/2 of them, so he logically became the group leader.

associate (cognitively)

If the school gets blown up, then ......

If the car doesn't need to burn oil, or so……

If people live under the earth's crust, then ......

This is our next group exercise - "What if". One person comes up with a hypothetical scenario and the next person needs to come up with consequences based on the hypothesis. Whichever group can't pick it up, stop. The last group to stop won a 4-disc heart. It tickled us all to see it.

The next question is even more interesting, be called”Yes, and…” The previous person made the point, The latter cannot be refuted, And to add more detailed qualifications。

I want to get a cat.

Yes, and I want a white cat.

be, And I want a white cat with blue eyes.。

Yes, and I want a long whiskered blue-eyed white cat.


Test rounds, We found it hard to talk after one turn, Because I can't remember.!

To win., I've changed my mind.。 We start by reading a book.。 Then say separately what's on the pages of the book。

But you can't repeat it, and it's not good to remember.

I looked down just in time to see the sheets of paper on top of the table with the graphics on them ......

I want to read a book.。

be, And I want to read a book where the first page is a triangle。

be, And I want to read a book where the first page is a triangle, The second page is a round book。


The observer next to us was unsure and advised us not to say anything so difficult to remember. We couldn't help but burst out laughing. Told him it wasn't hard to remember, but didn't say why.


Here comes the heart of it.。 Give each group the same task—— Designing a solution, Helping couples on campus。

Brainstorming, what a familiar term. I'm reminded of the famous book, The Wisdom of Groups. You have to be methodical to make the three stinkers outperform the wise men.

Coach Yan describes 2 different methods. One is silent, the other is heated.

One sheet of paper each for the former, write in a horizontal direction3 Solutions, Then it goes to the next person., The next person gradually unfolds the previous solution。 shall not be overturned., Not to be questioned。 Communicate only with pen and paper, No sound is allowed.。

That's not an option for our group. We have chosen the method of provocative debate.

Coach Yan drew a mind graphic and then asked us to look, listen, think, talk, do, pain points, and gains, respectively.

Our weapon, the sticky note. So I wrote a table full of content. Shame, it does seem like a bit of a waste of paper.

Then, we put sticky notes all over the whiteboard. Similar terms were combined through discussion.

Because there were 2 teachers present in our group, a few students were a little put out. The group of 5 girls next to us had a good argument and couldn't get enough of running to our group to spy on them, which we unceremoniously kicked back.


I thought I was done expressing the solution and that was the end of it. Anyway, the time was after 9pm. Without thinking about it, Coach Yan announced that there was one last part - the demo.

You said you had a good solution., how can one be sure?? lit. pull out a mule or a horse for a spin。

So the groups went from being counsellors to acting out the play.

I was in a number of plays in high school., Initially developed3 (architecture) facade。 Students work in groups, Added a lot of details。 for example《 King's Glory》 The ones in the game.“ malicious words”。 Don't play this game., I've never even heard of it.。

We're the first group., It was well received.。 But it was the third group that was the most successful.。 They're thinking big., Performing with openness。 There's actually an unspeakable plot in there., The whole room is going to be happy.。 It's because there are no boys., They had to choose to dress up as men。 You can see how disproportionate the gender ratio is at the school。

To clarify the roles, one of the girls first introduced herself, "I'm a thirty-something year old man ......"

Coach Yan is laughing so hard he's almost twitching and says he's a thirty-something year old man too. Laughter. Coach, just say it. What are you looking at me for when you say it?

reflect on

The students who came to participate were full of rewards.

I got caught up in reflect on。

What was taught? No theories were heard, no papers were cited, and no names of a particular expert were given. There are only simple instructions, occasional cue coaching, and strict enforcement of the rules.

Nothing was taught.? So where do all these ideas come from??

These are the students, the ones who usually doze off in class and play with their phones.

These students, Just always late.、 Occasional absences from school, The group of people who claim to have no interest in learning at all。

These students, the same ones who have been doing exam practice for a number of years and don't seem to know how to work together at all.

Today, however, it was as if they were all different people.

One learns to think outside the box. reflect on persons。

A person who has learned not to be quick to contradict the opinions of others.

A person who has learned to appreciate the strengths of others.

A person who has learned to collaborate with others。

Turns out they are, in fact, so spontaneous, energetic and creative ...... So cute.

And it's amazing that all this is just a miracle brought about by a few rules and a few nudges.

Innovation can be taught(teach) (question tag)?

I'm not sure.

Innovation can be taught(coach) (question tag)?

I trust my eyes.


What do you think? Can innovation be taught? To reach the creation reflect on, Do you have any experience or tips?? Welcome message, Let's talk about it.。

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