Can learn from itself, spy on burglars, and call the police ...... Yongchuan new city change Chongqing made "smart street light"

△ Street light can automatically adjust the white light, warm white light, yellow light according to the temperature change

Cities are becoming smarter and smarter, and even streetlights have the wings of artificial intelligence, with "self-learning" functions: changing brightness according to traffic flow, changing light colors according to the warm and cold temperatures, and also collecting PM2.5 data ......

February 27, upstream news reporter from the Yongchuan District New City Management Committee was informed that from January, the new city all change Internet + multi-color temperature anti-haze LED artificial intelligence street lights, eliminating the original city lighting 3,389 high-pressure sodium lamps, has been completed.

Adjust light brightness color according to pupil

It is reported that this intelligent street lights made in Chongqing, compared with the replacement of high-pressure sodium lamps, lighting comfort, the use of artificial intelligence according to the ambient temperature, humidity adjustment for the best color temperature lighting.

And street lights can be through the "smart city" cloud platform intelligent street light management system, to achieve multiple energy saving, power saving rate of 60% or more, to solve the problem of traffic safety hazards in the dark areas of lighting, to achieve the intelligent management of urban street lighting.

According to the general manager of Chongqing Green Technology Development (Group) Co., Ltd. Su Chengyong, the street light and management system, the use of artificial intelligence system according to the human eye pupil in different temperatures, seasonal environment on the different needs of the light color temperature, the light color temperature fine adjustment to the most comfortable, bright lighting.

12 hours of light even when the power is out

In addition, this kind of street light can also adjust the light color in rain, fog, haze, snow, sand and other adverse weather conditions, through PM2.5, temperature, humidity, rain and other sensors, through "self-learning" compared to the temperature and humidity and other environmental data.

Urban traffic will have peak and low periods, this street light can adjust the brightness of the light intelligently according to the changes in demand at different times of urban lighting, to ensure traffic safety, to achieve energy saving, and to effectively solve the traditional interval shutdown method caused by lighting dark areas.

Each light can be intelligently activated for 1-12 hours of safety lighting in case of emergency such as a power outage.

The ability to monitor the road for burglary will automatically alert

According to Su Chengyong, the street light will use sensors to intelligently collect lighting data, through the "smart city" LED color screen display platform, to provide the community with lighting brightness value, light color temperature value, lighting uniformity, ambient temperature, humidity, PM2.5 and other public service information.

Also, the use of smart terminals on the streetlights will enable roadway WiFi coverage to provide communication for pedestrians. And it can collect information such as burglar images around the clock, and automatically alarm after classifying the information.

At present, this intelligent street light has been widely used in various tunnels, highways and city roads in the city. And many cities in Sichuan, Guizhou, Ningxia and other provinces have also used this Chongqing-made "smart street light".

By Yang Ye, Upstream News

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