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Can you become an expert in computer programming if the computer is programmed in Chinese?

We know that there is already a Chinese interface programming language, Easy Language, where the programming syntax is all in Chinese, but the extent of promotion and share is not complimentary. So let's see what the reasons are.

1.Nowadays, all mainstream and formed modules on the market are written in English, which is easier to use and communicate. However, Chinese programming is harder to start with and easy to give up.

2.Open source has always been a user favorite, java has always been loved by users because of its precise timing and open source, but there is not an open source Chinese programming language yet.

3.The foundation of programming is the language, the idea of programming is the core, and constantly fixing bugs is the process. Programming in Chinese just makes your language all in Chinese, but the programming idea, remains the same. There is no gap between Chinese and English for a beginner with no basic knowledge.

4.To have some understanding of programming, if only Chinese is good, just just can read and understand what is written, but and Chinese natural language will still have a large gap, or need to drill.

So if the computer is programmed in Chinese, it still takes a lot of time and effort to learn and study it. It's time to be a party bully, no matter what language you use.

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