cool hit counter Can you mine even if you brush your teeth and face? These are some strange ways to mine! That last one was unexpected._Intefrankly

Can you mine even if you brush your teeth and face? These are some strange ways to mine! That last one was unexpected.

The blockchain and bitcoin fires have brought many people into the investment digital or coin industry, and some have looked at mining, the same over mining to make money, giving rise to a thousand and one ways to mine.

The first thing we know the most is mobile phone mining, users can mine through mobile phone software, such as NetEase Planet, Credible Treasure, Baidu Letz Dog and other software, these software is easy to learn, very convenient to use, you can mine anytime, anywhere. Soon regional even mobile phones will be available soon and it will be easier to mine with it then.

A new toothbrushing technology has recently emerged, the Toothcare Toothbrush from 32teeth, which is said to incorporate the latest blockchain technology, making brushing the equivalent of "mining". The token rewards mined, known as LoveTooth coins, can be directly redeemed for goods and services.

When you use the Toothcareer toothbrush, the act of brushing is data-driven, and you earn digital assets from an exclusive mining pool of Toothcare Coins while brushing your teeth, and the cleaner your teeth are brushed, the greater the reward.

Also, users can continue to be rewarded by completing designated brushing tasks in the public mining pool to gain arithmetic value.

In addition to swiping, swiping your face can also be mined. ULSee, a company that makes artificial intelligence hardware, users can anchor ULSee tokens (UCNS) when purchasing goods and pay directly by swiping their faces, the payment process is the mining process, and the user will then be rewarded with the corresponding tokens. You can use it to get higher discounts, no queues, great value rebates, etc.

In addition to these, South KoreaKAA Launched the concept of rewarded live mining, developed and launched“KAA Project Kaioshin” the world's first live reward mining platform, Users are mining for themselves when they reward live streams, The Tianya community has also launched" Specially held auger mining"、" Creative mining"、" voting and mining" schemes。 This means that, Users of the Tianya community create on the platform, as the article、 pictures、 Comments, etc., The platform will then calculate the user's contribution value according to certain rules, The user can get the system rewarded by the Skyward diamond according to this。 The higher the quality of the content output by the creator, The greater the benefit it receives。

As blockchain technology advances, there will be more and more ways to mine, and the revenue generated by mining is attracting more and more people to join, so those who want to mine can give it a try.

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