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CandyONE WEEKLY REPORT: Project features take a giant leap forward!

CandyONE Candy Community

The first door into the blockchain

Description of the weekly report

The weekly report is published by CandyONE Candy Community Written by volunteers, We aspire to:

Focus on CandyONE community development.

Concern about changes in the value of CANDY.

Follow the progress of the CandyONE candy box project.

Sharing CANDY's value growth with you.

We have been working from Project progress Candy multiplier harmony Community development These 3 areas collect data to present you the most important information of CandyONE this week (also, we are looking forward to your valuable comments on the content of the weekly report).

CandyONE Candy Community

2018-27 Candy.ONE Weekly Report

This week's roundup

This week, the Candy project continued to advance deeper, further increasing user stickiness, many bugs were fixed, and the game became more playable; valuation wise, Candy Candy multiples rose sharply (prior data issues); community development wise, the total number of followers on the social platform declined for the 4th week (fewer followers, but the project continues to advance, representing an approaching opportunity).


Project progress

1. Product development continues to advance

News Board: a brand new news board is being dry-boarded this week.

Public Chain Wallet: Revamped the wallet page and opened up the channel for users to withdraw coins from the public chain to Candy.ONE.

Candy Tribe: We have completed the first version, the Calculated Treasure Mining and the Gem Mall feature, and are working on the second version.

2. Bug was fixed

The issue with the candy box price data update has been fixed and the candy box prices are now accurately displayed once the fix is complete.

PS: Kudos to the project owner for this! The problem was brought up by a volunteer from the candy community, and the project received it and responded immediately, but there were probably a lot of interface issues involved, and it took a week to finally attack the problem, which led to inaccurate data for the last two weeks and distortions in the candy multipliers for the first two weeks.

The numbers are down a lot, but the program is not hiding anything, so kudos to the program for being honest for sure!

3. Candy's Playground Fun!

The club increased its Silver membership to 485 this week, with 139 new applications for membership.

On July 2, the Candy Club held an internal sharing session on the theme of "Digital Security and Investment Opportunities". On July 4, the official communication time, Candy.ONE co-founder Sugar was in the group to communicate with members about candy related issues. After the communication, members also exported wonderful shares, such as.

The ability to master input and output is your opportunity.

A steady ability to make money off the market (input) is what is necessary to invest, making little money and always trying to make a lot with little (extremely risky system), wealth freedom is not your business, it's a great fortune not to go bankrupt and go to the roof.

Outputs push back inputs, which actually says that the way the cognitive and executive systems are updated and iterated.

The Candy Club will soon open the application channel for Gold Membership, which will be by targeted invitation. If you have excellent skills in community organization and management, investment experience, and content output. Please show up at subsequent Candy Club events, from which we will select outstanding, active and responsible Silver members and invite them to become Gold members.

4. Candy Premium Bounty Missions Coming Soon

Want to earn higher CANDY rewards? Want to be an advanced CANDY hunter? We're about to start a new round of premium bounty missions, and the CANDY bounty can be 100-200 times more than the daily missions!

The candy union will be formed soon. We need an organization to bring together the best high level hunters, and a reason to give a better reward to those who are willing to put in the labor and effort, so with the release of high level bounty quests, and the emergence of more and more high level hunters, the Candy Union will be forming soon, so stay tuned.


Candy multiplier

CANDY is the first ETF fund in the blockchain world, and the Candy Box Candy Box contains various tokens, which are the guaranteed value of CANDY. Although not yet freely convertible, the future launch of the exchange will enable free convertibility.

To accurately measureCANDY The value of the tokens contained within, We publish each issue Candy multiplier:

Divide the current market valuation of CANDY by the value of the tokens inside the box.

1. Market valuation

The price oscillated between 0.4 microETH (1 microETH is equivalent to one millionth of an ETH) and 0.5 microETH this week. The current trading price is 0.4 micro ETH, compared to 0.4 micro EHT last week, a one-week increase of 0%

Weekly trading review: essentially unchanged.

As of this week, the total market cap shown on Etherscan is $234 million , compared to $207 million last week , and One-week rise of 12.6%, mainly due to market rebound

2. Candy value

Currently, there are 33 officially announced tokens for Candy Box. No change this week

The value of Candy Box tokens totaled $24.06 million this week compared to $40.29 million last week, a very large change, and the reasons for this have been analyzed above. This is mainly due to the distortion of the data in the previous period.

3. Candy multiplier

Candy multiplier= CANDY Total market capitalization / The official market value of the candy box tokens announced by harmony

This data is also distorted. This week it's 9.71.


Community development

1. Coin holding address

candy is a smart contract token released based on Ether ERC20, and you can easily check the number of addresses and the distribution of holdings for this project using Etherscan. Available at.。

ERC20 contract address.


The position addresses total 102,657, up 19 from 102,638 last week.

Description. The exchange uses a shared address, so the actual number of coin holders is much larger than that. Officially, it says there are 7 million subscribers. And for the first time, it was revealed inside the Silver Club membership exchange that overseas user growth has been very rapid, reaching close to one million.

2. Position distribution

candy Total volume 10000 billion, all tokens are given out for free. Of course, after it is issued, you can buy and sell it on the exchange.

The current distribution of positions is as follows.

The distribution of positions shows little change in concentration.

3. social platform

The official website for Candy.ONE is Currently, the project has opened an official telegraph group, Twitter, Medium, and Jane's Book at the following addresses.

Candy.ONE General Telegraph Group.

Candy.ONE Chinese Telegraph Group.

CandyONE Twitter:

CandyONE Medium:


Above is this week's Candy.ONE weekly report. Enjoy, and we'll see you next week!

Candy.ONE Introduction

As a new generation community product based on the world's first blockchain ETF fund, Candy.ONE advocates the concept of "making contributions more valuable" and provides users with interesting and valuable personalized content and services. Founded in January 2018, it already has more than 5 million users worldwide and is one of the fastest growing product services in the global smart economy.

CANDY, the token of CandyBox, is the world's most innovative digital asset with the most potential for continued appreciation and is already freely convertible and circulating in the marketplace. Users earn CANDY by participating in interesting and diverse tasks and contributing value to the community.

Candy.ONE Candy Community brief introduction

Candy.ONE Candy Community It's a group ofCandy.ONE enthusiast、 Fans of Mr. Li Xiaolai、 Sharing common values harmony Community formed by self-organized volunteers of the target。

We believe in the future of blockchain and that the spontaneous, free, shared and co-creative collaboration of the blockchain world can bring more beautiful changes to human life, and we also identify Candy.ONE as a better product that can popularize blockchain to more people. We recognize Candy.ONE's philosophy of "making ordinary people's contributions more valuable".

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Candy Community WeChat Group

The first door into the blockchain

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Candy.ONE Candy Community

The first door into the blockchain

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