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Cannot be registered as an ActiveX control

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When adding controls in VB, Project → Parts → Browse, after adding the parts you need, the dialog box " *.ocx cannot be registered as ActiveX control" pops up. At this point, you might go to register it with regsvr32, but then it says "*.ocx control failed to load", whether you put it in system32 or system64 (Win7 64-bit), whether you register it as administrator or not, the result ...... All when there are no results. Then it's likely that your system is missing that DLL dynamic link library that the OCX control relies on.

Another person asked, so how can I know what DLL files this OCX control of mine depends on? This is also when you are recommended to use the tool Dependency Walker ( Click to download)。

When you open the OCX control (in the case of AVPhone3.ocx) with Dependency Walker, it looks like the following.

Such as those below MSACM32.DLL, MSVFW32. DLL etc. is the DLL file it depends on, which DLL file is missing in your system, the corresponding small square in front of it will turn yellow and have a question mark. If that's the case, then be a good boy and download the appropriate DLL file and register it, then try registering your OCX control again and see if it works!

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