Capital Online Wins Overseas Public Cloud Fastest Growing Company of the Year Award

On March 22, 2018, the "2018 China IT Market Annual Conference" with the theme of "Artificial Intelligence Opens a New Era of Digital Economy" was held in Beijing. Capital Online, a portfolio company of Cornerstone Fund, was awarded the "Fastest Growing Company of the Year in Overseas Public Cloud Services for Chinese Enterprises", based on its deep commitment to the public cloud and overseas enterprise cloud services market in the past few years.

global integration

Capital Online has established dozens of public cloud nodes covering the world, all of which are interconnected with Layer 2 private networks to provide customers with maximum convenience in deploying application systems globally. It has accompanied Chinese enterprises in a variety of industries, including e-commerce, games, video, application software, and enterprise services, to develop overseas and become a trusted partner for enterprises going abroad.

Cloud-Network Integration

Capital Online adopts the overall architecture of "Cloud-Network Integration", integrating services in multiple dimensions such as network, computing, storage and PaaS to provide customers with comprehensive integrated solutions around Internet applications. Freeing customers from cumbersome partnerships with multiple access providers, data centers, and application platforms, it is a one-stop shop for their communication, IT, and Internet needs.

Whether the customer's system is deployed on a physical rack, public cloud, or private cloud, we can make the customer's system seamlessly connected to fully meet the elastic needs of their business development.

Positioning Neutrality

Capital Online focuses on public cloud services, maintains a strong investment in R&D and network construction, and provides specialized integration services for Internet companies. Capital Online does not extend into applications targeted at end users, does not compete with customers and remains neutral from the beginning. At the same time, Capital Online guarantees the security of customer data with reliable technology and systems.

Service with Temperature

Cross-border e-commerce, culture to the sea, mutual funds to the sea, education globalization, Chinese companies' overseas development path is increasingly diversified, North America, Southeast Asia, Europe, the Middle East ...... Chinese companies are also becoming more and more capable of global deployment, and with this comes an increasing demand for IT infrastructure. Fast, secure and stable are always the fundamental requirements for IT systems for companies going abroad.

Retrieved from: Capital Online

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