Capital preference for blockchain reverts to industry as distance between cryptocurrency and chain shrinks






2, Wanxiang Holdings Xiao Feng: the first goal of the central bank to issue digital currency is to replace the market first digital currency



In an article entitled "Blockchain+" brings new space to agricultural informatization" published in Farmers Daily on June 13, Dr. Kang Chunpeng of the Information Center of China's Ministry of Agriculture specifically mentioned that blockchain, if used well, can greatly promote the development of modern agriculture; if not used well, it may blow up the "blockchain+agriculture" bubble and seriously harm agricultural and rural informatization. To prevent digital currencies using blockchain as a gimmick from entering the countryside to carry out illegal fundraising and harm the interests of farmers, relevant laws and regulations should be improved as soon as possible. (Xinhuanet)


At the Shanghai Workshop on Blockchain Technology and Applications, Di Gang, Deputy Director of the Digital Currency Research Institute of the Central Bank of China, delivered a speech titled "Exploring the Evolution of System Architecture in the Fintech Era". Blockchain is technically decentralized, not managerially decentralized, Di Gang said. Blockchain is a technology. Physical distribution is not contradictory to logical unity. Blockchain only won't solve the problem, architecture mashups are optimal. Blockchain is an optimization and complement to the existing architecture. Technical consensus is not the same as business consensus. Trustworthiness of the blockchain is very important. If a blockchain is not built by a trusted subject, it may not be trusted. (Babbitt)

5, EOS voting progress is only 5.97%

June 13 news, the EOS main online, from the major nodes began a high-profile announcement campaign to the previous "online" difficult to produce, and now the slow voting process, can be said to have earned a lot of attention. Voting on the EOS mainline officially started on the 9th, and the second day of voting is only 3% advanced. Currently, EOS voting progress is at 5.97%, but the target voting rate is 15%. Without 15% voting support, the EOS chain still can't run. There are no Chinese nodes in the top 10 of the poll yet. (Mars Finance)

6, German government representative: cryptocurrencies do not pose a threat to financial stability but need to be controlled by regulatory measures



由于比特币市场不休市,交易者通常在周六晚上买入卖出,因此比特币价格的大波动常见于周末。例如此前,比特币在去年12月份的周六创下了接近20000美元的历史新高,还在上周日创下近两个月来的新低。对此,BK资本管理公司创始人Brain Kelly表示,周末由于很少有投资者能进入期银行,涌入市场的新资金无法支撑起比特币的价格。周末的市场相对较小,上周末的新闻还加剧了市场形势。(CNBC)

1、Secretary Li Qiang praised the innovation of Harness Technology and the national treasure car won the top ten popular project awards at the Fair
2、Chickenaddicted Neymar tweets to rush work PUBG Wheres the server I want
3、How to Elegantly Program in Python on Your Phone
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