Car Alert: New generation X3 with strong handling and strength

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New X3 updates include standard LED, active grille, full LCD instruments, full-color head-up display, connectivity, "BMW Personal CoPilot" driver assistance system and more.

Inside, the new replacement BMW X3 comes with a 12.3-inch full LCD instrument cluster design, also equipped with a color head-up display design, optional leather-covered center console, 10.2-inch floating LCD screen design in the center, a new shape multifunction steering wheel design, and more storage space below.

The new generation of BMWX3 There's another killer., That is, the interior ambient lighting can be freely switched between solid and two-tone colors。 And the effects are all gorgeous。 It's standard across the board.10.25 LCD touch screen in inches, High-end version supports gesture operation, Standard on the rest of the modelsGPS navigator、 In-car Bluetooth、 Front and rear parking radar、 reverse camera, But the panorama360 Degree imaging is only available on higher trim levels, The rest of the models are also available as an option。 moreover, Also supports wirelessCarPlay functionalities。

The BMW X3 rear seats also feature small rear center headrests and a center armrest, along with rear air vents and good rear seat space.

Driving Assistance Systems

Until then, we are in a transition period where new cars will have a lot of driver assistance systems to correct or avoid your mistakes, but it still can't be called "autonomous driving".

The new generation of BMW X3 also features the new BMW Intelligent Drive system for the first time. The system integrates a new generation of adaptive cruise control and traffic congestion assist functions, enabling near-automatic assisted driving when the vehicle is at 0-210km/h, enhancing active vehicle safety while further reducing the driver's burden.

Performance-related parameters

All the numbers suggest that the next-generation X3 will have a lighter and quicker driving experience than the current model, a quality that a BMW should have.

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