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Catching a drama is hurt by ads and VIP, use it to bring you a good mood PC apps category

A colleague asked me two days ago "I want to watch a drama, but I also want to lie on the sofa and watch it on the TV", I said well, you wait I will teach you how to cast the screen to the TV on your phone. When I arrived at my colleague's house and gave him a quick solution to cast his phone to the TV, another difficult task came, a certain show can only see the 6th episode, the rest will require the purchase of VIP, and each time it is played, nearly 90 seconds of commercials, you say it's hard to bear you say it's hard to bear?

He cast an expectant glance, I returned the ambiguous smile, and so the PY deal was struck, and I promised him you'd see what you could first, and I'd help you out with what you couldn't see, and I hurried on my way home.

The road was long, and as I walked, I pondered what the hell could I do to get rid of the damn commercial breaks and VIPs? My heart is dripping

Blood, this is the pace of forcing to spend money, what to do if you want to achieve spiritual world satisfaction when you can hardly survive?

I quickly opened 52pojie and searched painstakingly for it. Suddenly a mysterious force dragged me into a post, my mouse did not obey, clicked on the software in that post and downloaded it, and saved it to my desktop, and unzipped it for me, and opened the software for me, what can I say, my computer is smart.

The software is called VIP Video Player The software is only available in the Win system version for the time being (the mobile side will be talked about later without the software can watch the method) only 2M more than a small software open can be used, the software inside the integrated search function, it is said that the database is updated once a day, the existing more than 40,000 resources, database search and web search combined, the regular film and television drama can be searched.

For example, I searched for a childhood TV series, "Heavenly Creatures" (age revealing series), immediately after that all the episodes appear on the right side, you can see the source is Youku, double click to play, no ads to play directly, you can choose the definition, also can support keyboard left and right to control backward and forward.

There are tons of the latest TV shows and movies on the left side at random clicks, so whoever clicks is in a good mood.

And what about the right side is the history I've read before.

I can say that this software has been very conscientious, but the author of the software does not provide the mobile app, here I will teach you some tips can help you try the mobile terminal to facilitate the pursuit of drama.

There is an option on the right side of the episode that you can check, you check it and then click on the episode, it won't play the video in the software, but will jump to your default browser.

The address shown in red in the jump

The red is the prefix of the VIP parsing site (do not forget =) behind the blue is the actual Youku play this video address, we just need to copy all the URL paste to your phone any browser can play, this is the principle of various VIP video parser, like this parsing site will often fail, I will be regularly updated in the magic summary section.

The interface management inside the software also fulfills this principle, and partners can add various parsing interfaces they are familiar with to make the software more powerful, and need to parse when you need to select your interface in the interface drop-down box.

Follow up dry experience

Maybe you guys think it's troublesome and cumbersome to copy a link, so I'll teach you to scan the QR code with your phone to watch the episodes you want to watch, OK? Remember when Godspeak taught and downloaded the crx plugin for using the google store in the last issue?

Guys can search for this plugin on their own, there is also a crx download at the end of the article

When you have this plugin installed, you tap the QR code logo on the right side of the address bar to generate a QR code, and then your phone will scan it to see it! And doesn't it feel good to not have to wait for the commercial readout? As for the VIP address, you'll see if you try it!

Finally just a grand attachment of this software and other related resources for the old timers: (all extraction codes are 6666)

Next issue brings you a one-stop shop for sniffing and downloading, so stay tuned!

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