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Catering Cash Register System

In recent years, the catering industry is growing at a rapid pace, but costs are also rising, staff wages, rising raw materials, the increase in fixed costs make the operation of catering enterprises encounter serious challenges. With the rising viscosity of Internet + catering, an intelligent catering management system for catering business operation and management came online, he broke the traditional catering ordering and cashiering business model, the whole one-stop management from the front room to the back kitchen is completed by the catering software.

To sweep the code to order, for example, traditional catering companies are waiters to order, each waiter can be responsible for five tables, but also led to the guests on the service of dissatisfaction, called half a day no one care, in fact, it is understandable that the waiter is not lazy, just his work is more concentrated busy, to order food, to place an order to the bar, and then to the back of the kitchen, which is when the tea and water. If several tables come in at the same time, that waiter has even more hands on deck.

If you use the smart code ordering, after the guests are seated, they can scan the code to open the table, order, and place the order to the kitchen to automatically print the small ticket, and the bar automatically prints the pre-settlement order, so the waiter does not need to run between the kitchen and the bar. Both the guests' dining time is saved and the waiters' workload is cut by a large margin. Why wouldn't a restaurant owner be happy about that.

Plus the generation of data reports, before the cashier were manually collated reports, sometimes, wrong accounts, missing accounts, reconciliation. However, the generation of data reports for Customer Joy is completely cloud-based and based on shift management, there will never be a case of wrong accounts, missed accounts or reconciliation.

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