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Cell phones will be gone in 5 years

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If someone told you that cell phones would be gone in 5 years, would you be jaw-dropping or would you take advantage of the big picture and respond positively?

Over a decade of startup investing has taught me that when a big wave comes, people tend to underestimate the revolutionary and disruptive power behind the evolution of technology.

In 1999, when I first returned to China to do ChinaRen, I went to Peking University, Tsinghua University and other universities to give a speech, and I asked how many people on the stage had used the Internet, and few people raised their hands. I said at the time that in 5-10 years, the Internet would have completely taken over the way you live and work, you can't live, eat, live, play, you can't live without the Internet in every aspect. At the time, many people were skeptical and thought it was a pipe dream. But now, after more than a decade, many people can endure a day without food to eat or water to drink, but not a day without the Internet.

This is the disruptive nature of technology, and this disruption is constantly advancing in depth: when it was the PC Internet era that disrupted the traditional offline, now it is the mobile Internet era that disrupts the PC Internet era. In the future, the mobile Internet era will also be disrupted, and the disruption has actually already begun.

Lei Jun previously had an opinion that the phone is the center of the future of connecting everything. I respect Boss Ray, but don't agree with him on this one. I think the cell phone as a device will be gone in 5 years. You see Apple just released the iPhone 8, and I can make a bolder prediction: the iPhone 10S will be the last generation of iPhones, and at that point, Apple's phone business will be completely retired from history, and Apple won't be making any more phones. Why? Because we are about to enter the age of "smart everything".

In 5-10 years, a new era of "smart everything"

In the age of smart everything, your watch, your necklace, your ring, your glasses, your car, your desk, your house ...... All your end devices are intelligent. When communication, sending and receiving messages, and all kinds of apps and features are standard in all smart gear, why, pray tell, do you still need a phone in your pants pocket?

When the age of smart everything comes, we will be surrounded by all kinds of smart devices and smart robots.

You will have a hard time adjusting to a future without smart robots, just as you would not be able to live without the internet or cell phones now.

From the moment you wake up and open your eyes, you already live in an environment filled with smart robots: your home itself is a smart robot, the smart bathroom will automatically adjust the bath water temperature for you, the smart kitchen will automatically cook breakfast for you; when you go out to work, the transportation will be a driverless robot car; when you walk into the office, your smart desk will immediately sense it and open the mailbox and the day's work schedule for you ......

In the age of technology, a day in the future looks like this!

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As a port to open everything smart, you will no longer need a bulky phone at all, just a ring with sensing and authentication function: if you want to make a call, just walk to the table, tap down the table with the ring, the table automatically retrieves your personal address book, who you want to call, the table can call directly; you walk to the refrigerator tap down the refrigerator, the refrigerator will automatically tell you which fruits are out, you can place an order directly on the refrigerator to buy; you walk to the closet tap down the closet, the closet will automatically tell you which ones are suitable to match, you can even go directly to the Taobao page through the closet to buy new shirts ...... Like a magic ring, the ring becomes the root that opens everything.

Is this smart scenario too far away? I can tell you that it's not far at all, just in 5-10 years.

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