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Chain News Headlines: Creating an information platform that protects the rights of the original!

Short video, as a new type of content distribution, is a proposition that cannot be ignored in the future development of blockchain media. According to the chain news headlines, short video is pushing short video to a new round of hot peaks since the explosive growth of short video bloggers in Weibo last year, to the later emergence of Jitterbug, and Tencent Weishi this year.

Take Jitterbug as an example, it has also spawned many different short video series, such as the "pretend not to know series", "plot reversal series" and "original is not as good as pirated series". When it comes to article content, plagiarism may also involve slight changes to the original article, but in the realm of short-form video content, it's often a straightforward bare-bones portage. The original creators of some works may not get as much attention as the movers do, and there are even highly-liked posts on Zhihu about how to make money with moving short videos, so it's sad that short video piracy is becoming a looming problem.

According to Chain News Headlines, in response to the difficulties of short video copyright protection, Tai Jiangli, legal director of Today's Headlines, has suggested blockchain technology to improve the rate of evidence preservation for video copyright protection in order to promote the power of rights holders to defend their rights.

The advent of blockchain has brought a new copyright protection mechanism to the media. And Chain News Headlines is an information media platform based on blockchain distributed storage, cryptographic storage of centralized technology development, in the short video digital corroboration forensics, has extremely deep attainment.

In Chain News Headlines, content such as articles, images, videos and audios can be automatically registered using blockchain technology, each content can get its own unique code name, and the authorization of the work will be in the palm of the original author's hand to complete copyright tracking and rights protection, and the tamper-evident nature of blockchain will make copyright declaration for the content of the work and complete digital asset transactions through smart contracts. Every time content is republished, a request for permission is made to the original author, and the content can only be used if the original author authorizes it.

At the same time, when a new work needs to be published on the Chain News Headlines platform, the platform is all about the extraction of its digital code, feature values, and keywords, and the search comparison with the database on the platform, and for works with high similarity, the original mark will not be stamped, and these feature values will also be stored in the blockchain distributed ledger, while preserving the original file to achieve the uniqueness of digital assets on the blockchain.

And the blockchain's own unique incentive system motivates authors while also motivating readers to engage in the interaction of commenting and liking content, allowing readers to decide what content is worth recommending rather than the centralized manipulation of the platform.

Chain News Headlines is a better and more well-developed blockchain media platform at the moment, and its ability in copyright protection is unquestionable, while it is also under continuous development. I believe that its future as a blockchain media platform can provide better and more complete services to the general public.

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