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Changes and changes in the "Big Service"

On April 26, the "Huawei China ICT Ecology Tour 2018" series of activities entered Guangzhou, a digital era service collision of ideas kicked off. At the Huawei China Eco-Partner Conference 2018, "Big Service" was a topic that could not be avoided. Huawei proposed the concept of "Big Service" as early as 2013, and has continued to enrich and implement it in the following five years. Looking back at the development of "Big Service" in the past five years, we have achieved good results in terms of industry scale, revenue share of industry services, diversification of service ecology, prosperity of talent ecology and maturity of industry service solutions. Looking ahead, where does "Big Services" go in the digital transformation?

Huawei China ICT Ecology Tour 2018 Guangzhou Service Sub-Forum Held

Change: demand, programmes, industry.

Platform, Ecology

As Sun Yong, Director of Service Solutions Sales Department, Huawei EBG China, said in his speech at the "Huawei China ICT Ecology Tour 2018" Guangzhou Station Service Forum, "The tide of digital transformation has brought disruptive changes to various industries in the industry, and industry customers are paying more and more attention to services, which is mainly reflected in the complexity of service demand and the trend of solution integration services, and brings huge service market space, and Huawei and ecological partners can achieve scale development in the service industry; Correspondingly, higher demands are placed on the service platform and ecology. "

Complicating needs. When Huawei first established its enterprise business, it was still in the "selling box" stage, and customers' needs were mainly focused on product features and performance, while services were just a complement and extension of the products. As the digital transformation of the industry becomes more and more violent, customers' demand for services evolves, both in terms of end-to-end capabilities of the services and in terms of their adaptation to different industry businesses. For example, building a data center is a major trend, the traditional thinking is to build it, but at this stage the customer is not only to build it, but also to use it and manage it well, which is also the original intention of Huawei's "big service".

Programme convergence. Services are an essential part of the solution, and services and solutions are no longer separate, they are one and the same. Thinking outside the box, services will play a huge role in the pre, mid and post solution. For one, consulting and planning services are essential to make the solution resilient and capable of evolving; The second is to ensure that the solution is on the ground and that the deliverability of the solution is key; Third, to ensure the reliable and stable operation of the services carried on the solution, to play the best performance of the solution.

Industry Scale-up. According to the data, Huawei EBG China's "Big Service" has maintained a high growth rate over the past five years, with a compound annual growth rate of 62%. Meanwhile, Huawei's partners have also made leaps and bounds in the service sector, with six Huawei partners with service revenue of more than 100 million yuan in 2017, six with more than 50 million yuan, and 44 partners with more than 10 million yuan. With the deepening of the "Big Service", the service industry pie will become bigger and bigger.

Platform Intelligence。 surname Yun、 big data、AI The widespread use of new technologies such as, Inevitably brings platform intelligence。 Corporate services will practice“ platforms+ eco” strategic,2018 Continue to build on the service process in the year、 Service Experts、IT platforms& tools、 Basic support such as knowledge base, Consolidate the base of intelligent service platform, By building a shared delivery platform for partners、 Unified O&M platform and service product development and validation platform, Support eco-partners in joint delivery on Huawei's intelligent service platform、 Joint Operations and Maintenance、 Cooperation in joint industry services, etc.。

Ecological Diversity. Build a diversified service ecosystem of ASP (Huawei Authorized Service Partner), CSP (Huawei Certified Service Partner), and CSSP (Huawei Certified Service Solution Partner). ASP is a subcontracting business that is a powerful addition to Huawei's resources; CSP is Huawei's way of rolling out standardized services to partners with certain drill-down levels to end users; In addition, in 2017 Huawei launched the CSSP program to take out the superior capabilities of Huawei and its partners, unite them together, complement each other's strengths, and provide them to end users in the form of joint services, which breaks the original concept of roles on the channel, and as long as they have complementary capabilities and serve customers well together, they can become a member of Huawei's service partner ecology.

No change: customers, cooperation, talent

Customer-centric. Service comes from the customer and goes to the customer. For example, the CSSP program, launched in early 2017, is based on the growing customer demand for industry service solutions ; There is also the joint O&M model (Huawei provides a unified O&M platform + partner field service capabilities) launched by joint partners at the end of 2017, which is to see the escalating demand for fast and efficient O&M from small and medium market customers; The construction of the project delivery validation center, which was launched and fully invested, is to consider the continuous application of new technologies and solutions, and to ensure the security of customers' networks, the validation of solutions before delivery can relieve customers' worries.

Always keep the channel service cooperation intact. At the beginning of Huawei's enterprise business, the basic platform was to "adhere to channel service cooperation". It has four levels of meaning: Huawei and the majority of service partners work together in order to win together; Empowering partners is a long-held principle of Huawei, allowing them to continuously improve their capabilities; Huawei will continue to increase empowerment to enable partners to have better development in the service area; Leveraging the service advantages of our partners, complementary strengths and joint service innovation to meet the complex service needs of industry customers.

To train and deliver talents for the ICT industry chain. Talent is the source of the industry's digital transformation. Huawei has been committed to the all-round construction of talent ecology, from talent standards, industry-education integration, skills upgrading to talent supply. The Huawei Eco University, relaunched in 2018, is a new vehicle for Huawei's talent ecology, which consists of the Innovation Digital Academy, the Applied Technology Academy and the Partner Academy.

"Big Service", responding to changes with no change, based on the industry radiation region. It is understood that in the Guangdong region, enterprise service revenue grew 64% year-on-year in 2017, with more than 210 CSPs, more than 220 HCIE partner certifications, and more than 800 major projects jointly delivered by joint partners, achieving high growth in partner service performance.

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