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Changhong takes you into the 2018CES to navigate the new global trend of artificial intelligence TVs

The 51st International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) was held in Las Vegas from January 9-12, 2018. As the world's largest and most influential consumer electronics technology annual exhibition and carnival event, CES enjoys great popularity in the industry. At this year's CES, artificial intelligence was the hottest area, with smart home, driverless and other products combined with AI technology making a splash at the show.

At CES 2018, Chinese brand Changhong, along with the world's technology giants, focused on its full range of AI home appliances, with AI products such as the Q5K, Q5R, Q5T and C7TU laser theater attracting much attention, not only attracting a large number of visitors to stop and experience, but also bringing a new life experience to the show.

Changhong took the lead in introducing AI technology to TVs in 2016, launching the world's first artificial intelligence TV. The CHiQ artificial intelligence TV Q5K series on display not only understands what users need through "artificial intelligence + big data + deep learning", but also achieves a breakthrough by dropping mobile phones and remote controls and interacting directly with users naturally, making artificial intelligence TVs more humane.

Chang'e running to the moon is an ancient myth, one of the ten most ancient love stories in China. On the world's words, Chang'e is the spokesman for Eastern beauty; Changhong Q5K series has evolved to AI 3.0 era, not only able to voice recognition, semantic analysis, but also has far-field voice, voice recognition technology, truly free your hands, natural interchange, known in the industry as the spokesman for Changhong artificial intelligence TV.

This is not to mention the fact that Changhong is launching the world's first three-color 4K laser theater with its own intellectual property rights at the show - the Changhong CHiQ Laser Cinema C7TU, which also comes with technology related to Changhong's voice-recognition artificial intelligence TV Q5K, allowing consumers to throw away the remote control and easily "shout" at it. Not only delivered a beautiful answer as a leader in the field of artificial intelligence technology. The company has further strengthened its position as the leader in laser TV technology.

The industry is saying that Changhong is an alternative to the color TV industry, the trend on the wind, consumer electronics staples, bright and shiny black technology are available, and are ahead of their time, wallpaper ultra-thin OLED TVs as well as OLED self-emitting technology, just do not want too much fanfare.

The majority of TVs on the market that simply focus on "voice recognition" are products of the AI 1.0 era. The product that can do "semantic analysis" and realize the function of analysis and recommendation by understanding user's semantics is the advanced AI 2.0 era AI TV. Come and fight if you don't!

Of course, Changhong CHiQ Artificial Intelligence TV won the award with its outstanding advantages of AI3.0, winning the "2017-2018 Global Leading Brand" annual double award and leading the new trend of global artificial intelligence TV once again.

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