Changing themes for iOS 11 is actually pretty easy!

Changing a theme for your phone is something that is simply not too easy on Android devices, but on ios devices it is almost impossible to do without jailbreaking due to official restrictions, so how do you change the theme on iOS 11 devices? Jailbreak, of course.

As I'm sure you all know from this time, iOS 11 is jailbreakable, but since Cydia is not supported, you can't use it as you wish yet, and jailbreak users around the world are eagerly awaiting the update from Big Beard.

Although there is no most direct way to do it, we can temporarily curve to save iOS 11 jailbreak, today we are going to show you how to change theme on ios device.

Since we can't download the plugin from Cydia at the moment, we have to look for iOS device style deb or zip file packages through the internet, so to save you the time of searching, today we also provide a pretty good style file for you to practice first.

The first thing, of course, is that you need to jailbreak your iOS 11 device (which has now been updated to beta 9 and was covered yesterday, so ignore it if you already have it installed) via the Electra tool:.

I'm sure everyone has the Beard tool, and the usage is probably repeating itself.

iOS theme style files download at

Since this is a deb file, the installation method is as simple as installing it directly with

If you find the theme installer available for iOS 11 online in zip format, it's easy to install, the deb file we provided to you above as an example, unzip it and see the *.theme file, which we can consider as 4 style files.

Using again the concatenation tool introduced to you yesterday.

Copy all these style files into the "/bootstrap/Library/Themes" folder.

Of course you can also do this directly on your phone without a computer, but the steps are a little trickier.

First go to the web address provided to you above and choose to open it with ZipApp provided that you have downloaded the ZipApp decompression tool in advance.

Next, you will see the "*.theme" files, which you can copy one by one to the "/bootstrap/Library/Themes" folder.

However, recently, often has network abnormalities, which may make it impossible to preview the files online, thus making it impossible to unzip them online, so if you can't do it directly on your phone, you'll have to use the first method to install it.

Next we can see the iOS11 device desktop theme style change, you may find that in addition to the system APP, third-party APP pattern remains unchanged, which is a normal thing, after all, it is unlikely that all APP figure can be designed to, at least the built-in APP design to is already considered very good!

If you are a fan of iOS devices, the above 2 methods are a piece of cake for you.

As for how the bearded man's work is progressing? Who knows, but there are already so many ways to get certain features beforehand, so go ahead and use them.


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