Channel to Channel Medical Park's targeted $4 million dental implant benefit grant opens today!


Recently, the National Health Care Data Center and Industrial Park Construction Pilot Project (Fuzhou District) has made new progress. Pingtan Comprehensive Experimental Zone Strait Medical Park actively responds to this beneficial project, in order to promote the construction of Fuzhou dental medical big data platform, for Fuzhou 40 years old Citizens with missing teeth above, issued Four million. Dental Implant Community Chest, per person 4,000. Dental implant allowance.

Details of the Community Chest Grant

Who to apply for

Over 40 years old

There are missing teeth in your mouth.

Loose teeth with or without retained significance, rotten roots

Perpetual denture wearers

Application requirements

Provide pre- and post-operative intra-oral photos for dental implants

Missing teeth in the mouth

[Warm Reminder]

Please do not double claim as space is limited!

Vote for Influential Dental Implants in the West of the Sea

Dental implant reference for people with missing teeth

The person in charge of the Straits Medical Park said that in order to promote the construction of a big data platform for dental care, the Straits Medical Park also launched a vote for influential dental implants in the West of the Sea, and the public can receive a family scaling gift package worth 288 yuan for participating in the vote.

"There are all sorts of advertisements for dental implants these days, and prices vary widely. People with missing teeth are often confused when it comes to choosing an implant, either by hearsay or blindly. We hope that our big data platform will give you some reference when it comes to dental implants. "The head of the Channel Medical Park said.

26-year old brand helps health care big data platform

Sharing the implant database at no cost to Tongfang Medical Dental

As an integral part of the Strait Medical Industrial Park, Fuzhou Tongfu Medical Dental Chain plays its own advantage in oral implantation and links the dental implant database into the big data center at no cost for the public's reference for dental implantation.

It is understood that Tongfu Medical has been operating in Fuzhou for 26 years, is an early dental institution in Fujian Province to carry out dental implants, the current implant volume ranks among the top in Fujian Province. Last month, Tongfu Medical was also awarded "Outstanding Contribution to Dental Technology" by the media for its excellent implant technology.

Asking around before you get a dental implant?

How about a look at the big data rankings first

"Our dental implant database has tens of thousands of implant cases, covering single tooth, multi-tooth, half full mouth dental implant cases, including a number of implant techniques such as immediate extraction, immediate restoration and delayed implantation, and the age group of dental implants covers 20 to 92 years old. It can provide a more comprehensive data reference for the public. "Director Zheng Xiaoling, the founder of Tongfu Medical, said that in the 26 years since the establishment of Tongfu Medical, the support of Fuzhou folks is indispensable, and it is very gratifying to do something for everyone now and give back to the society.

Vote online for a free photo shoot

Event is limited to 5 days

In support of the Hessian Dental Implant Influencer Ranking Voting Campaign, Tongfu Medical Dental also conducted a free radiograph examination. With the successful voting SMS, people can enjoy one free oral radiograph at any of the six stores of Tong Fu Medical. The event is for 5 days only!

How to participate in the event

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