Cheetah Mobile and Microsoft announce partnership in artificial intelligence

(CMCM), a leading global mobile Internet company, announced a partnership with Microsoft to embed Microsoft's artificial intelligence technology into Cheetah Mobile's overseas mobile application products, and the two companies will jointly explore AI application scenarios in mobile, Dec. 14, 2017 Beijing time.

Initially, the partnership will see the Cheetah Mobile desktop launcher CM Launcher integrate Microsoft's intelligent voice assistant Cortana in the system. CM Launcher users can use Cortana's powerful voice control, Microsoft's rich app resources to manage daily life and improve productivity. This cooperation is a deep integration of technology, products and resources between the two parties, and will also bring smarter and more personalized services and experiences to CM Launcher's massive global users.

CM Launcher is one of the most popular desktop launchers on the global Android platform, attracting a large number of users with its massive personalized 3D themes; in early December 2017, it dominated the Google Play US total ranking and app list. CM Launcher has reached more than 200 countries and regions worldwide, including the US, India, Indonesia, Brazil and Russia, with a total download count of nearly 300 million.

CM LauncherBe the first company in the world to work withCortana Collaborative mobile desktop applications, It is also the industry's first deeply integratedAI Mobile desktop applications for virtual assistants。 ahead, Other products under Cheetah Mobile, if based onAI Third-party input methods for technologyCheetah Keyboard, It will also be further linked toCortana In-depth cooperation。

Cheetah Mobile (video game company)CEO Fu Sheng said,“ The partnership with Microsoft is in line with Cheetah Mobile's mission——Make the World Smarter。 We've been working on artificial intelligence for a long time, For example, Cheetah Mobile's Orion Star in voice interaction、 image recognition、 Independent research and development in visual navigation、 Industry-leading technology。 among others, The far-field voice interaction system cooperates with many well-known software and hardware manufacturers in China。 This powerful combination with Microsoft, Another expansion of our AI application scenarios overseas, Let our overseas users also experience the premium intelligent voice service。”

"Microsoft launched Cortana to be able to provide smarter services so that people can work efficiently in a more convenient way, anytime, anywhere. The integration of Cortana and CM Launcher will enable more mobile users to use Cortana," said Jordi Ribas, senior global vice president at Microsoft. "This partnership is the first step in our partnership with Cheetah Mobile, which has a rich product matrix, and we will be working with more of its products in the future. "

In addition to voice technology, Cortana can also connect and invoke various products in the Microsoft ecosystem, such as Office, Skype, Bing, and connect to a large number of third-party services such as weather, music, movies, and taxi rides. All of these resources will be available to CM Launcher as a result of the partnership.

The user can access the information viaCortana call、 Create a calendar、 Real-time translation and search of web pages;Cortana I can sing for you.、 joke telling、 Talking with you.; It also allows for cross-device compatibility, User useMicrosoft Account LoginCM Launcher back, You can use it on other devices that are logged into the same account, Seamlessly receive notifications and messages of all kinds;CM Launcher Also added entry to frequently used functions in information cards, For example, event reminders、 Scene recognition and reading real-time news, etc., Users can customize it to their liking。

ahead,CM Launcher To be integrated successivelyCortana Other Function Points, e.g. image recognition、 Knowledge graph and smart home services, etc.; Will also joinCM Launcher Unique product features, For example, changing the theme of your phone by voice。

CM Launcher, which integrates Cortana technology, is now in public beta on Google Play US, UK, Canada and Australia, with the official version going live in the above countries in January 2018.

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