Chengdu High-tech Zone Launches "High-tech in the Cloud" Program, with an Annual Subsidy of up to 200,000

Enterprise "cloud": enterprises deploy their basic systems, management and business to the cloud through the network, and use the network to easily access the computing, storage, software, data and other services provided by cloud service providers, so as to improve the efficiency of resource allocation and reduce the cost of information construction.

With the development of cloud computing, big data, Internet of Things and other new generation of information technology, "on the cloud" has become an inevitable trend of enterprise digitalization, networking and intelligence, which is of great significance to improve the efficiency of resource allocation and accelerate the transformation of the old and new dynamics.

Recently, Chengdu High-tech Zone released the "High-tech on the Cloud" plan to achieve a thousand enterprises "on the cloud" within three years, to help the development of enterprises through the "cloud". At the same time, Chengdu High-tech Zone will give excellent "on the cloud" enterprise annual maximum 200,000 yuan subsidy.

Achieved in 3 years

Thousands of enterprises "on the cloud"

"In the future, 'going to the cloud' must be the mainstream of business development. And businesses 'going to the cloud' will drive a better new economy. "The person in charge of the management committee of Chengdu High-tech Zone said that the "Cloud on High-tech" plan will be oriented to the needs of enterprises, centered on cloud service platforms, and united with many cloud service providers to develop a differentiated "cloud" strategy for enterprises. Within three years, we will realize 1,000 enterprises "on the cloud", form 30 typical benchmark application cases, and introduce and cultivate leading domestic infrastructures. cloud service provider 1-2 companies, 30 cloud application service providers.

"The traditional enterprise information technology process requires deployment of server hardware equipment, software procurement, IT operations and maintenance staff, and many other aspects.' Going to the cloud', on the other hand, can help companies reduce their operating costs by 70% in the process of information technology, and this sharing model is both flexible and fast, as well as ensuring security and stability. "Chengdu High-tech Big Data Intelligent Industry Research Institute, said the person in charge, the Institute will work together with cloud service providers to form a professional team, for the pilot enterprises free custom "on the cloud" program plan, point to point to assist enterprises to complete the "on the cloud" work.

Go to Cloud" Enterprise

Up to $200,000 in subsidies

"After a user selects the service they need, clicks Buy Now and pays for it, the service provider will contact that user to discuss specific service options." Ltd. introduced that the services of "High-tech on the Cloud" can be offset by the "Innovation Credit Voucher" issued by Chengdu High-tech Zone. At the same time, Chengdu High-tech Zone will also give the excellent "on the cloud" enterprises that meet the conditions, the maximum annual subsidy of 200,000 yuan.

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