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Chengdu Mobile and Hezhongxing signed a contract to join forces to build the Western Smart Valley data center

Promotion Announcement Wuhan Shangqi Network

In the era of information explosion, more and more users want to get a higher speed experience of mobile Internet. Whether it is video pictures, mobile payment, location service, remote scheduling, mobile music, social activities, mobile games and other colorful mobile Internet applications, or government and service applications such as smart government, smart medical, smart transportation, digital city management, smart education, etc., the support of high-speed data center is indispensable. At the same time, big data and cloud computing are profoundly changing all areas of society. And all of this network equipment, links, switching, and the running, computing, and storage of big data requires a lot of data center rooms. At this time, it is very necessary and feasible to build a high-efficiency, low-energy, green data center in the region, and the Mobile West Valley Data Center was born in Chengdu.

Yang Dengbin, the relevant person in charge of Sichuan Mobile, introduced that the project will be the first real sense of Sichuan Mobile's IDC room after completion, and is also an exploration on Sichuan Mobile's new cooperation ecological chain. "Sichuan Mobile and even China Mobile's past development is more around the personal communication field, but from 2009 the whole company began to transform the operational development, from the personal field to the whole field, from the communication operator to the comprehensive information service provider transformation, positioning to become the leader of the information society, the construction of this project is also the title."

It is understood that Wazhongxing is part of a large cluster of IDC services. The cluster has specialized in data center operations, construction and network access for 16 years; Cumulative number of data centres in operation is 20; Investment in and construction of 4 data centres and negotiation of 2 ready data centres in 2017; idc data center business nationwide up to 50 node resources. The cluster aims to provide secure and worry-free data services for Internet companies, with a business segment covering T3+ five-star data center construction, operation, and lifecycle maintenance; High security, multi-line, CDN acceleration and other value-added services; We are one of the first ISPIDC service providers in China, providing secure public cloud, private cloud (government cloud) and hybrid cloud construction.

Located at the north end of Chengdu Wuhou Industrial Park, outside the third ring road of Chengdu, Western Wisdom Valley covers an area of 750 mu, with a total construction area of over 1 million square meters and a total investment of nearly 3.3 billion yuan. Up to now, 89 enterprises have built industrialized production bases in the park, 51 enterprises have been completed and put into operation, and about 30,000 people are employed in the park. Many well-known brands and high-quality enterprises have settled in the park, and a number of Fortune 500 companies such as Emerson, DuPont, Taiwan Lianqiang, and Chuanda Zhisheng, Digital China and Rainbow Group, which have significant influence in China, have settled in the park.

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