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This one is a game made in 2012.


protagonistThe control method of the:

Right click to move.

Press Q and the character will sprint in the direction of the mouse, the sprint displacement distance is large, but the sprint process is not invincible, and the damage is average.

Pressing W will send a bullet in the direction of the mouse, which will cause the enemy to appear temporarily immobilized and do a lot of damage when it hits them.

Pressing the E button will move while spinning, similar to Galen's E in LOL, again the process is not invincible and the damage is average.

BOSS behavior patterns.

Only the head of the BOSS will attack the enemy (bite at close range), the other parts will bounce the person off.

The BOSS only takes damage from attacks on the glowing areas of its body, and no less blood from attacks on other areas.

The light on the BOSS changes with the amount of blood, causing some changes to the AI of the boss as well.


At the time this was done, browser performance on the pc side wasn't actually very good, many conditions limited it, and the web on the mobile side was an even bigger mess.

There was a slight understanding of js game engines at that point, but not finding the right one either didn't help much or meant rewriting the core engine code. So then I thought about it and just wrote my own game engine.

I surprised myself by actually being able to write a game engine at the time. But in those days the mind was so high that it always had to compare itself to the great gods, favoring the inexplicable number of great gods in this world, and getting to the conclusion that it was doing just as well as the dregs. Real game makers are monsters. . And after the game did its first chapter, it was not sure who to play it for, and it drifted out of follow-up.

*I see game makers as a certain group of people, not specifically people who work in the game industry. A game is also something, such as a piece of music, a skateboard, or even a book can be a game.

As usual, the spiel is over and the body of the story begins.

The name Moon Thousand Nights was given at the time in conjunction with the setting of this game, but a large part of it was also because the song "Moon Thousand Nights" was on constant loop at the time.

The main theme of this game is time jumping, and the key word is "leap", which happens to be the same as "Tsukichan".

Speaking of the main story line of the game, the worldview of this story is so huge that I've drawn corresponding comics, made videos, and put out games for this story. Of the many half-finished parallel worlds in the works, this one is the one I'd most like to show off, but I'll leave the story alone for now this time.

This time it focuses on the making of the game.

The code part is pretty much forgotten, so basically just talk about framework building.

js structure



jquery was referenced at first, then realized it was actually a bit redundant ......

The idea was a "plug-and-play engine", similar to the concept of plugging in a cassette to play a game on an FC console, where the code would reference different level js, and the level js would reference the character js needed for the current level.

A year later, I learned that this logic is called modularity in js code - -.

And in addition to levels and characters, the game needs a control manager, a picture manager, and an audio manager.

Then, in addition to that, the game engine creates a lot of fragmented pieces of functionality, most of which can be reused, so a "scrap" js is added. And finally some backdoors on the corresponding js for debugging.

All of this was done with an understanding of game making that just happened to be implemented in JS. I think that's what gamers are, so I've also always referred to myself as a gamer, not a programmer.

A gamer can not know the detailed name of the tool he is currently using, but he can use the tool well with his understanding of the game.

Next up is the art part of the game, and these parts are all hand drawn. It was also inexplicably stubborn back then ......

Avatar + keystrokes (grouping is pretty messy)

This world is set up with a dual protagonist, and the second level starts with a different character, but unfortunately it didn't continue to be made.

Character Breakdown Chart




Hit effect

Map (added later at random)


Some of the rest of the ui is drawn in css, and this game is of the canvas+dom combination type.

over-the-top cartoon

Victory Scenes

Failure scenarios

The game is at but only on pc as I don't have mobile compatibility.

That said, this game is super hard, I totally missed it back in the day ...... Because I had a pass rate of about 80% that year (with tricks). Recently replayed and the pass rate is down to 20% ...... (Even if you know the tricks ...... )

There was a rewrite for mobile in 2014, so more on that next time.

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