China Academy of Information and Communications Technology Internet Security Assessment Center for New Technologies and Services Holds Workshop on Artificial Intelligence Security

In the afternoon of July 19, 2018, to support the implementation of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology's Three-Year Action Plan for Promoting the Development of a New Generation of Artificial Intelligence Industry (2018-2020) and to promote the development of AI security, the Security Assessment Center for New Internet Technologies and Services of the China Academy of Information and Communication Research invited research scholars from Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Shanghai Institute of Social Sciences and other units and expert representatives from well-known enterprises such as NetEase and Tencent to hold a seminar on AI security in Beijing, which was attended by leaders of the Network Security Administration of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

During the meeting, the experts made keynote speeches and interactive discussions in conjunction with AI security research. Professor Xu Guoai of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications shared the research progress of deep learning in mobile terminal malware detection; Huizhibin, director of Internet Research Center of Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, sorted out and summarized AI data security issues, ethical and moral implications and foreign governance experience; Zhu Zhuo, deputy general manager of NetEase Security Department, gave a detailed explanation on the application practice of AI technology in Internet information content security review; Wang Rong of Tencent Research Institute gave an in-depth analysis of the impact of AI on privacy security and the applicability of data protection rules; Wei Wei, director of Information Security Research Department of Security Research Institute of China Academy of Information and Communication Research, made an in-depth exchange on the progress of AI security research, awareness of security issues, security management situation at home and abroad and development suggestions.

The leaders and experts also had in-depth discussions on the traceability of AI system problems and the determination of tort liability, and believed that the rapid development of AI brings new risks and challenges, and security issues are gradually coming to the fore, and that government management, industry autonomy and industrial collaboration should be strengthened, and a sound AI security regulatory system should be established by drawing on foreign governance experience, while the in-depth application of advanced AI technologies in the field of network information security should be actively promoted, and the healthy development of AI technologies and industries should be jointly promoted.

Reviewer Lu Ting, Shan Shan

Editor Ling Xiao

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