China to build "one map" of geographic information for government services

2018The National Mapping and Geographic Information Bureau will coordinate the year“ skymap”、 digital city、 Smart City Construction, Launching the construction of big data for geographic information of government affairs“ shot”, Formation of a national spatio-temporal data platform。 subsequently, Through interfacing with a large national data-sharing platform, Assisting in scientific government decision-making、 Precision in social governance、 Efficient public service。

reporters have learned that, currently, Our national public service platform for geographic information“ skymap” Full data integration coverage has been achieved, Complementary strengths through data resources between nodes, Progressive development of SkyMap's core competencies。2017 year,“ skymap” Master node accesses over8 billions of times, year-on-year increase27%。

along with“ skymap” Depth of application, Its public service function has also been expanded。 According to the relevant person in charge of the National Bureau of Surveying, Mapping and Geographic Information,2017 year, The National Mapping and Geographic Information Bureau and the Ministry of Land and Resources jointly issued a document, Launching and vigorously promoting the construction of a spatially based information platform for national land, with“ skymap” Construction of the National Mapping and Geographic Information Agency data centre node as a foundation; Joint experiments with the Ministry of Water Resources on service aggregation technology based on the e-government extranet were conducted and were successful; Active with the Ministry of Environmental Protection、 National Development Bank and other departments dovetail, deep plunge“ skymap” In the second environmental pollution survey、 Pro-poor capital loans、 Applications in areas such as civil-military integration。 issue “ one belt and one road”、 weather、 Emergency mapping and other thematic services; Construction of emergency geographic information service systems integrated into national emergency-related planning, expedite progress in the form of“ skymap” Emergency information resources based on“ shot” construct, Construction programmes were organized, will“ skymap” Access to the State Council Emergency Command Centre through a dedicated network, Provide online geographic information services for the State Council leaders to conduct disaster situation study and command decisions。

Due to the increasing demand for mapping and geographic information in various sectors, The National Bureau of Surveying, Mapping and Geographic Information said,2018 The year will see a major expansion of“ skymap” Government services of public interest, Active promotion of deep and multi-disciplinary applications。 In accordance with the requirements of the overall plan for the construction of the territorial spatial base information platform, Basic completion of the data centre node of the National Mapping and Geographic Information Bureau of the Land Spatial Foundation Information Platform, and on top of that, Launching the construction of big data for geographic information of government affairs“ shot”。

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